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 Avary Kolasinski

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Office: 559 Snow Hall


Current Course:

            Math 126
                    STRONG 356
                     M/W 3:00-3:50pm & 4-4:50pm

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Office Hours (SNOW 559):
        Wednesday 12-1pm

Math Help Room (SNOW 651):
        Tuesday 1-3pm & Friday 10-11am and 12-1pm

Hello! Welcome to my webpage. 

If you are a student, feel free to explore all sections but I recommend especially looking in 'Teaching'.  You will
find a lot of examples, notes, and practice problems for various courses. If you cannot find enough material to help you through a concept, by all means, email me and let me know! I can always write up a few more examples or notes to get you to the level of understanding you need for the course you are taking.

For all others, explore the details and links throughout all of the sections.

ProfPic A little bit about myself before you roam the site. I grew up in a suburb outside of Portland, Oregon where it is green all year round. After graduating high school, I decided to stay in the area and attend Oregon State University Honors College (OSUHC) in Corvallis, Oregon.  Throughout my four years there, I was involved in numerous extra curricular activities such as OSU Math Club, OSU Program Council, and Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Society.  I began as a freshman interested in pursuing chemistry and ended as a senior foc used on applied mathematics. 

Even though my focus switched, I still maintained that interest in chemistry which was one the reason for writing my Honors Thesis on the historical and current methamphetamine use in the United States.  I headed straight to Lawrence, Kansas to pursue a PhD in applied mathematics the University of Kansas (KU) right after graduating from OSUHC in 2013.  I am now in my fifth year here at KU and am enjoying every minute of it.  As they say, time flies when you're having fun, and I can say that is true for me thus far in my career. 

My advisor is Dr. Weizhang Huang.  With him, I have focused on variational mesh generation and
adaptation, a proven useful tool in the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDE's). We have formulated a new function for variational mesh generation and adaptation based on the equidistribution and alignment conditions.  Numerical examples demonstrate that this new functional performs comparably as an existing one that is also based on the equidistribution and alignment conditions and known to work well in many problems.  The difference between these two functionals? The new one has one less parameter than the existing.

We are now moving forward to study variational mesh generation and adaptation on surfaces.

Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas
1460 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7567