Cassidy Krause

Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas

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About Me

I am excited to announce that I will be joining the faculty at Millikin University, Department of Mathematics and Computational Science next fall! Currently I am finishing my PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Kansas (KU). The majority of my doctoral education has been funded by the Self Graduate Fellowship - a four year fellowship that provides professional development training in the areas of communication, leadership, and management.

My research interests include numerical analysis and dynamical systems, and I am particularly interested in data assimilation and its applications to weather and climate modeling. I am a member of the Math and Climate Research Network (MCRN), and I have been a year-round intern with Sandia National Laboratories since May 2019. My advisor is Erik Van Vleck. I received my B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (2015) and my M.A. in Mathematics from KU (2017).

I am passionate about my role as an educator. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made this academic year more challenging for students and teachers alike! Last semester I taught Math 125: Engineering Calculus I Enhanced and implemented a flipped-classroom approach. This semester I am teaching a lab section of Math 127: Engineering Calculus III.

Service and outreach are important to me; I am the graduate student organizer of the Math Awareness Month activities in April, where local fifth graders spend the day with graduate students doing fun math activities. I am also the past president of the KU chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (2016-2018), and past president for the Math Graduate Student Organization (2017-2018).

Contact Information

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Office: 547 Snow Hall
Github: cfkrause

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