Running Stata in WinEdt

Revised for Stata 9 (May 21, 2007)
Tested with Stata 10 (April, 2009)

Stata 9 or earlier versions' do-file editors do not support multiple dofiles. And WinEdt Batch Menu Mode for Stata , very nice though, does not support a function of running-selected-lines-only. By using AutoIt and going thorough a slightly complicated procedure, however, we can overcome all these limitations and make our statistics life easier.

This manual is a modified version of Integrating Stata and external text editors for WinEdt users, which is written by Friedrich Huebler. I and Haebong Woo have cooperated each other to figure this out. Thanks Haebong!

Step 1: Install "AutoIt"

Step 2: Modify the script

Step 3: Compile the script

Step 4: Modify Windows "Path" and Reboot Your Computer

To make "rundolines.exe" work at any directory, modify Windows PATH of your computer system configuration.

Step 5: Add "Running Stata" command in WinEdt

Step 6: Enjoy!

A Common Error Message & A Tip

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