The maps below detail the three regions of GSM/GPRS 1900 buildout to be constructed by GSM Corridor, LLC, a joint venture between AT&T Wireless & Cingular Wireless.

GSM Corridor - Northeast (highway corridors map)

GSM Corridor - West (highway corridors map)

GSM Corridor - Expansion (FCC application filed 12/18/03)

The GSM Corridor (GSM-C) PCS license partitions are defined as corridors extending five miles wide on either side of designated highways.  The 10 MHz highway partitions are either full spectrum assignments or selective disaggregations from PCS licenses held by predominantly AT&TWS or its affiliates, w/ primarily Cingular contributing spectrum for the Northeast half of the venture.  Licenses created are now held jointly by GSM Corridor, LLC under one of several license entities:  AT&T Wireless Roadrunner License Sub, LLC; Roadrunner Cingular License Sub, LLC; Cingular New England License Sub, LLC; or transferred to Southwestern Bell Wireless, LLC, the latter SBC entity only applicable for surrounding non-highway partitions in western Major Trading Areas or Basic Trading Areas (MTAs or BTAs) where license(s) originally held by AT&TWS or affiliate have been partitioned & assigned to Roadrunner Cingular License Sub for highway buildout.  The highway buildout will be constructed on a selective basis by either AT&TWS or Cingular but not both.  On the map, AT&TWS buildout (AWS) is represented by the color blue; Cingular buildout (CW) is represented by the color orange.

In December 2003, AT&TWS & Cingular filed application w/ the FCC to expand the GSM-C joint venture. This second set of applications requests consent to highway corridor partitions &/or disaggregations for GSM-C buildout primarily in the Southeast as well as one BTA in Ohio.

Note:  I did not create these maps.  I have extracted them from GSM-C’s required filings w/ the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.  However, in the near future, I will be adding additional information to the maps, potentially posting other maps, to reflect the MTAs or BTAs encompassed by the venture, the original holders of the PCS licenses involved, and finally the PCS frequencies contained w/in the spectrum assignments or disaggregations.

Andrew Shepherd