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Mobile Service Provider
Cellular License Map
PCS License Map
PCS License Database
1. Verizon Wireless posted 04/19/04 updated 07/09/04 TBD
2. Cingular Wireless posted 07/04/07 posted 03/14/04 in progress 03/10/04
3. AT&T Wireless Services posted 04/19/04 TBD in progress 03/04/04
4. Sprint PCS n/a updated 03/02/04 updated 04/19/04
5. T-Mobile n/a TBD TBD
6. NEXTEL n/a n/a n/a
7. ALLTEL posted 05/26/07 posted 02/22/04 TBD
8. U.S. Cellular posted 04/19/04 TBD TBD
9. Dobson Cellular Systems posted 07/03/07 TBD TBD
10. Western Wireless posted 04/19/04 TBD TBD
11. Rural Cellular Corporation posted 04/19/04 TBD TBD
12. Centennial Wireless posted 04/19/04 TBD TBD
*13. NextWave Telecom n/a posted 04/23/04 in progress 04/21/04
*Though NextWave has yet to launch commercial wireless service in any of its markets to any paying customers - either consumer or other CDMA wireless carrier(s), its lack of subscribership belies both its current & particularly former wealth of spectrum assets. On paper at least, NextWave justifies mention alongside the six national carriers. Thus, the strategic positioning & extensive scope of NextWave's PCS license holdings are simply too great to ignore.

Regional License Area Maps for All Providers by CMA (updated 09/30/04)

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a region to view a color-coded map of all Cellular Market Area A-side & 
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National Cellular Block A (A-side) composite map (updated 01/27/09)
National Cellular Block B (B-side) composite map (updated 01/27/09)

Other Maps

Verizon Wireless national PCS spectrum license map (block-specific - updated 07/09/04)
Cingular Wireless - AT&T Wireless Services Cellular license area merger map (updated 05/09/04)
GSM Corridor license partition maps (updated 02/23/04)
T-Mobile contingent acquisition of Cingular CA/NV animated map sequence (posted 06/02/04)
AT&T Wireless Services single-band Cellular 800/850 MHz markets (posted 07/03/04)
Qwest Wireless PCS spectrum license map (in progress 07/03/04)

Non-Map Topics

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