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Your personal web space is ready to use and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, with a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Set up your web site

To set up your web site, you'll need to create some web pages and provide some things for people to view with their web browsers. Information on web site creation and management is available at

Transferring Files To and From your web space

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is supported on this web server. In addition to current versions of Dreamweaver, many free, downloadable programs are available for this purpose. A few are listed below.


Where do I put my files?

Once you're connected, look in your account for a directory named "public_html". This directory holds all the files that are accessible on the web. To publish a web page, simply upload it to the "public_html" directory using your file transfer program.

You can create sub-directories and put as many files inside public_html as you want, within the size limit of your account.

Web Resources

KU provides resources ranging from documentation and how-to guides to free utilities that can help you add new functionality to your site with minimal effort. Information on these web resources can be found at

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