Advancing Disaster Resilience Science on Communities and Housing


The Sutley Research Group is aimed at Advancing the Science on Disaster Resilience of Communities and Housing through establishing a foundation built on equity. Our team has active research projects on earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and flood disasters. Across these projects, we are investigating the entire disaster timeline, including how to model the hazard load, structural response, household risk perception, community planning, local mitigation, community response, structural repair processes, and community and housing recovery processes. Most of our projects operate from multi- or interdisciplinary perspectives. Across our on-going projects, we are collaborating with other engineers, including structural, environmental, and aerospace engineering, and natural and social sciences, including behavioral science, sociology, urban planning, computer science, geology, economics, seismology, geography, and public administration.

Looking for our Reports on the EF4 Tornado that impacted Northeastern Kansas in May 2019?

Find the initial impact report here. Find the six-month recovey report here. Read more about the study on the Projects Tab. Twelve-month recovery report coming soon.

In the News

Dr. Sutley and KU undergraduate student, Meredith Dumler, are collaborating with Virginia Tech and University of Ottawa in an NSF CONVERGE funded-working group "Research on Researchers (RoR)". The RoR working group is a small collaborative group with a common interest in learning about the activities and experiences of disaster researchers in social science, public health, engineering, and othe fields who are examining social dimensions of COVID-19 in North America. The purpose of the working group is to systematically study and document the impacts of the pandemic on this group of researchers through a thoughtful assessment of professional, methodological, and personal impacts. Read our three-page research agenda-setting paper soon.

“Infrastructure and Climate Change” Dr. Sutley participated on a recent panel hosted by KS Rep. Sharice Davids. During the panel, Dr. Sutley discusses the need to use more renewable materials in construction, adopting and enforcing building codes everywhere, and more equitable housing recovery policies. Watch the one-hour panel discussion.

NIST renews $20M Award to Community Resilience Center of Excellence. Read the story here .

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