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We have two versions of the form here.

If you find these snakes and are not sure (see the form) what Kansas Township and Range they are within, here is a map that will help you.

For an overview of current Kansas records of both Redbelly Snake and Smooth Earth Snake, visit the Kansas Herpetofaunal Atlas.

We hope you are successful in finding these interesting harmless snakes on your land. They first become active the beginning of March, and so look for them beneath shelter (rocks, tin, old pieces of carpet, wood, etc.) at woodland edge habitats or in the woods. We have found east-facing or north-facing moist slopes most likely, but YOU may find them in other habitats, and we'd like to know!

And in the event that you look on your land and do NOT find them, well, that also is of interest to us because it helps us map out their distribution and gaps in it.

Thanks for helping, and you may email any time for more info or to report findings.