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Harrison Gaebler

Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas
1460 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7567

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Office: 560 Snow Hall
Phone: 785-864-7108
E-mail: hhg1{at}ku.edu
WWW: http://www.math.ku.edu/~h957g158/
Office hours: Wednesday - 2:00-3:00

This is me.

About me

I am a 4th year PhD student in the KU math department working with Milena Stanislavova. I almost always have a few mathematical side projects going at any given time as well about topics that interest me. Aside from math, I am a member of the KU swim & dive club and an avid guitar player.

See my CV for more details..


I am an analyst with a background in functional analysis and operator semigroups. Currently, I am working with my advisor on a project which we call ``Uniform L2 Bounds of Semigroups Generated by Certain Hamiltonian Linearizations.'' As with most research projects, the title is almost as long as the paper itself! In short, what we are doing is developing new ways to estimate the norm of the resolvent map for certain Hamiltonian linearizations when Fourier multiplier techniques fail. The difficulty in particular is that we need our estimates to be "good enough" for an application of Gomilko's Lemma. See my CV.


  1. Uniform L2 Bounds for Certain Hamiltonian Linearizations (in progress)

Expository Work

A Note on Simple Vector-Valued Integrals
Notes on Operator Semigroups .


Spring 2019 MATH 127: See Blackboard for course content.