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If you want to know more about who I am, have a look at my curriculum vitae (which needs some serious updating!)

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Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas - A site with information about where I work.
Recent Publications

The Emergence of Social Complexity in the Chibchan World of Southern Central America and Northern Colombia, AD 300-600.  Journal of Archaeological Research, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 1 - 47.  SpringerLink  KU SpringerLink

Online Bookstore

You can find my most recent book online, either for purchase or download:

Gold and Power in Ancient Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia (2003) (PDF version)

You can find my previous book (or review it on the Web) at!

The Emergence of Pottery: Technology and Innovation in Ancient Societies (1995)

Find other books in which I have chapters (or add your comments about them)!

The Formation of Complex Society in Southeastern Mesoamerica (1991)
Wealth and Hierarchy in the Intermediate Area (1992)
The American Southwest and Mesoamerica: Systems of Prehistoric Exchange (1993)
Precolumbian Jade: New Geological and Cultural Interpretations (1993)
Archaeology, Volcanism, and Remote Sensing in the Arenal Region, Costa Rica (1994)
Paths to Central American Prehistory (1996)
Online Articles from the SAA Bulletin
Ordeal in Chiapas: Archaeologists Survive Attack During Attempt to Rescue Maya Altar from Looters
Electronic Quipus for the 21st Century: Andean Archaeology Online
Surfing the Syllabi: Online Resources for Teaching Archaeology
Anthropology Museums Online
The Online Lab Manual: Reference Collections on the Web
Avoiding the Driest Dust that Blows: Web Site Reports
You've Got News! Archaeology Journalism on the Internet
The Law of the Bulldozer: Costa Rican Government Restricts Archaeological Impact Studies

University Courses

Please note that the links below are all for OLD course websites.  All of my current course websites are in BlackBoard, and can only be accessed via KU's BlackBoard portal.  Sorry!

Introduction to Archaeology - The original website (ca. 1996-97) for a course I've taught for several years.
A History of Anthropology - A graduate seminar I last taught in Fall 1998.
Ancient American Civilizations: Mesoamerica - A course I'm teaching this Fall.
Ancient American Civilizations: The Central Andes - A course I taught last semester (but this website is dated 7/99!)
Archaeological Myths and Realities
New Discoveries in Archaeology - Password required (sorry!)
The Ancient Maya
- Password required (sorry!)
Nepal 2000: Challenge and Discovery - A course I taught five years ago with Felix Moos & Ling-Lung Chen.
Other Online Publications
One Hundred Years of Anthropology in Costa Rica - A bibliography with 1200+ entries (this has been vastly updated, but is not yet online!).
In Search of Nature: Imagining Precolumbian Landscapes of Ancient Central America - An attempt to explode some common myths about humans and their environment.
The Future of the Past: Archaeology and Anthropology on the World Wide Web - A paper presented at the Museums and the Web conference in March 1997.
AZTLAN E-Journal - An adventure in Web publishing on the theme of Precolumbian studies!

The Archaeology of Golfito/La Arqueología de Golfito - My research project in southern Costa Rica.
Other Resources
Virtual Archaeology - A growing list of virtual reality applications in archaeology.
Stone Balls of Costa Rica - A contribution to reasonable consideration of these "mysterious" objects.
My Photography
Photos from Nepal - A collection of photos from my KU Summer Study Abroad trip to Nepal in 2000.
Burning Man 2002 - A collection of photos from my trip to Black Rock City.
Burning Man 2003 - More photos from a return to the Playa.
My Genealogy Page

Information on my family history that I've assembled using Family Tree Maker software.

Short Stories

         Cuando Cantan los Gallos - A piece I wrote many years ago.

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