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Book: Don't Touch That Doorknob!


Aaron and Elinor's Page - Photography and More


Teaching Degrees
History of Microbiology - American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
Microbe World - Jim Deacon, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Center for School, College, and Career Resources. Staying up-to-date with Vaccinations in Schools
Careers in Disease Prevention
Becoming a Health Professional
Careers in Public Health
Zippia.com is an Expansive Job Research Site with Career Path Information, based in San Francisco, California
Medical and Health Programs and Resources
Scholarships for Medical and Health Students
Stalking the Mysterious Microbe - A Terrific ASM Site Designed Especially for Kids
Microbeworld - ASM - A Wonderful Resource Developed for You by the ASM
ASM - Office of Education and Training - Career and Fellowship Opportunities
Pictures of Biological Molecules
Chip Taylor and The Elegant Monarch Butterfly - The Monarch Watch Project
Tom Terry, University of Connecticut - Virtual Classes
Tom Terry, University of Connecticut, Micro 229
James A. Sullivan's CELLS ALIVE!


Dennis Kunkel's Images of Microorganisms
Microbes: Invisible Invaders... Amazing Allies
MicroWeb at Thomas Jefferson University
Web 66! - K-12 Project
ZIA, The Family Site
The Why Files - University of Wisconsin - Answers to LOTS of Questions
The National Food Safety Database - Loaded with Information
Operation Clean Hands - ASM
Ed Rybicki's Microbiology Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa
All About Virology - Link kindly provided by Lilith Sayers
National Academy Press - Publishers of the National Academy of Sciences
For Moms
Ask Dr. Weil Your Health Question via HotWired's Health Clinic
[ WHO | CDC | Washington State Health Department ]
Michigan Electronic Library
World Health Organization - WHO
UniScience News Net - Don Radler, Editor
UniScience's Vaccine Page - Latest Info - Don Radler, Editor
NewScientist - Planet Science
American Association of Immunologists - AAI
ASM - American Society for Microbiology
Italy's Tradenet World Internet Math and Science Directory
Galaxy Directory Services

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