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Detailed Digital Geologic Maps

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to go to the Stillwater Range in northern Nevada or for Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands


Fault slip in the central Mojave Desert region (Geological Society of America Bulletin,2017)

Exhumation of the Black Mountains, Death Valley, California (Bidgoli et al.: Lithosphere, 2015)

Two stage evolutiuon of the Garlock fault, California (Geological Society of America Bulletin, 2014)

Extension of the Panamint Valley fault, evoltuion of slip partitioning (Geosphere, 2009)

Tectonic history of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico (Arizona Geological Society, 2009)

Strain Transfer between Panamint and Searles Valleys, California (Walker et al., Geosphere, 2005)

Preliminary Report, Eastern Bonnifield Mining Disitrict, Alaska Range, Alaska

How to make geopolygons on-the-fly in ArcGIS topology

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