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Ph.D. Chemical & Petroleum Engineering - University of Kansas, 1995
Dissertation: Reverse Flow Operation of Packed-Bed Reactors with Discrete Energy and Mass Distribution

M.S. Chemical Engineering - University of Kansas, 1991
Thesis: A Numerical Simulation of the Performance of a Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor Opeated Using Periodic Flow Reversal

B.S. Engineering-Physics - University of Kansas, 1983
Energy conversion track


University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; Lecturer, Unit Operations Laboratory (2000 - present)
- Supervising chemical engineering seniors, teaching assistant, and a technician.
- Constructed a new experimental apparatus
- Made improvements to various laboratory equipment.
- Initiated a laboratory safety program.
- Awarded the Raymond T. Oenbring Award for Teaching by the seniors

USDA Agricultural Research Service, Fresno, CA;
Post Doctoral Research Associate (1998 - 2000).
- Separation of the fumigant, methyl bromide from the air.
- Investigated adsorption equilibria and kinetics of methyl bromide on various adsorbents.
- Developed an apparatus for the electrothermal regeneration of activated carbon.

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; Post Doctoral Research Scientist (1996 - 1997).
- Gas anti-solvent recrystallization of pharmaceutical drugs using supercritical carbon dioxide.
- Designed and constructed a semi-continuous unit.
- Measured phase equilibria for the system.
- Successfully produced drug nanoparticles.

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; Amoco Fellow (1992 - 1994) and other research (1990 - 1995) leading to Master's and Ph.D. degrees.
- Flow reversal reactor operation using discrete energy distribution.
- Conducted theoretical and experimental research on flow reversal reactors leading to a patent.
- Constructed an apparatus for characterizing discrete energy introduction.
- Developed detailed numerical models and performed simulations testing the validity of the concept and developed reactor control strategies.

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Instructor (1989 - 1992, 1994 - 1995)
- Process Design.
- Introduction to Computers in Engineering.

U.S. Navy; USS GLOVER (FF-1098), (1983 - 1988).
Ship's First Lieutenant and First Division Officer.
- In charge of the ship's largest division (35 men).
- Operation, maintenance, and rigging of the main deck and respective gear and equipment.
- Exercised management and leadership skills for personnel performing diverse tasks.

Communications Officer (Top Secret Clearance)
- Operational management responsibility for the ship's communications and for division personnel.
- The ship won the coveted Green "C" Award for excellence in communications.


Subramaniam, B. and J. D. Snyder, U.S. Patent 5,710,356, Method of Conducting an Endothermic Reaction in a Packed Bed Reactor with External Energy Addition (1998).


1. Snyder, J. D. and J. Leesch, Methyl Bromide Recover on Activated Carbon and Regeneration with Repeated Adsorption and Electrothermal Regeneration. Ind. Chem. Eng. Res., 2925-2933, 2001

2. Snyder, J. D. (speaker), and J. G. Leesch, Methyl Bromide Adsorption onto Activated Carbon with Subsequent Thermoelectric Desorption to Control Emissions from Commodity Fumigations, 7th International Activated Carbon Conference, Pittsburgh, September 1999.

3. Snyder, J. D. and B. Subramaniam, Numerical Simulation of a Reverse-Flow Nox-SCR Reactor with Side Stream Ammonia Addition, Chem. Engng Sci. 53, 727 - 734, 1998.

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5. Snyder, J. D. and B. Subramaniam (speaker), Reverse Flow Operation of a Packed Tube with Discrete Energy Addition: Experiments and Theory, AIChE Annual Meeting, Miami, November 1995.

6. Snyder, J. D. (speaker) and B. Subramaniam, Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Energy Trapping in a Packed Tube, 2nd International Conference on Unsteady-State Processes in Catalysis, St. Louis, September 1995.

7. Snyder, J. D. (presenter) and B. Subramaniam, Flow Reversal Operation of Packed-Bed Reactors: Application to Endothermic Reactions, 13th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, Baltimore, November 1994.

8. Snyder, J. D. and B. Subramaniam, A Novel Reverse Flow Strategy for Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation in a Packed Bed Reactor, Chem. Engng Sci. 49, 5585 – 5601, 1994.

9. Snyder, J. D. and B. Subramaniam, Numerical Simulation of a Periodic Flow Reversal Reactor for Sulfur Dioxide Oxidation, Chem. Engng Sci. 48, 4051 - 4064, 1993.

10. Snyder, J. D. (speaker) and B. Subramaniam, Numerical Simulation of a Fixed Bed Flow Reversal Reactor for Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation, AIChE Annual Meeting, St. Louis, 1993.

11. Snyder, J. D. (speaker), K. A. Bishop, and B. Subramaniam, Numerical Simulation of Periodic Flow Reversal in a Packed Bed Reactor, AIChE Annual Meeting, Chicago, November 1990.

12. Snyder, J. D., T. J. Eggeman, K. A. Bishop (speaker), and B. Subramaniam, Color Raster Display of Simulation Results, AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November 1989.


Computational: finite difference modeling, numerical analysis, statistical analysis
Experimental: GC, DSC, SEM, MS, TGA, PLC, Luminescent Nox analyzer, computer data acquisition and control, design of experiments
Other: mass transfer, heat transfer, effective thermal conduction in porous media, kinetics and catalysis, reactive flow and transport in porous media, purification and separation, thermodynamics, computer modeling, scientific programming, gravimetric analysis, fluid dynamics, fluidization, process development, reactor design, adsorption, desorption


Raymond T. Oenbring Award for Teaching, awarded by the seniors, 2002, 2014
Outstanding Ph.D. Student, 1995
Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (EIT), 1995
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept. of C&PE, 1991, 1995
Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honorary Chemical Society, 1993
Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, 1993
Amoco Doctoral Fellowship, 1992 - 1994
Dow Corning Award for Outstanding Service, 1990
Graduate Record Exam (GRE) 800's on numerical and analytical portions - perfect scores, 1989
Navy ROTC Scholarship, 1978 - 1983


American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Chemical Society