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I grew up in Wisconsin, and I went to the University of Wisconsin -- La Crosse where I studies mathematics and economics.  While in La Crosse, I began working with Professor Susan Kelly in Fourier and harmonic analysis, which started my interest in the area.  In the summer before my last year in La Crosse, I participated in an undergraduate research program called the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Pure and Applied Mathematics (SUREPAM) at the University of Wisconsin -- Eau Claire.  Under the instruction of Professor James Walker, I worked on a time-frequency analysis of music project using Fourier and wavelet analysis.  These experiences with Professors Kelly and Walker initiated a deep interest, curiosity, and passion for harmonic and Fourier analysis.  I went to the University of Kansas (KU) to continue studying math with the intention to pursue a PhD in harmonic analysis with Professor Rodolfo Torres.  During my first year at KU, I was asked by Professor Estela Gavosto to help develop and teach a project-based course Math 696: Transitions in Math, where I had the opportunity to develop more applied math modeling and project management skills as I continued working towards my PhD.  After five years at KU, I completed my PhD under the instruction of Professor Torres, and I continued to a two-year Assistant Professor (Research) position at Wayne State University under the mentorship of Professor Guozhen Lu (now at the University of Connecticut).  After completing my two-year appointment on the faculty at Wayne State, I returned to KU as a postdoctoral researcher under the mentorship of Professor Gavosto to continue working in applied math modeling, math education, and curriculum development, in addition to continuing my work in harmonic analysis.  Over the past two or three years, I have shifted my focus further toward applied mathematical models, stochastic/probabilistic models, data science, and predictive analytics. 

This webpage

Part of the purpose of this webpage is to share the work that my students, my collaborators, and I have been working on over the past several years.  There are descriptions of several projects in the Coding Projects Page, where I present general descriptions and brief presentations of results.  The purpose of these descriptions is not to be an exhaustive or detailed in any sense.  For some of the projects, I will make information available elsewhere for those who may want to reproduce, extend, and/or improve upon this work.  Some of these resources can be found at My GitHub Page, and I will cite some others in the project summaries.  If you are interested in learning more about the projects, please feel free to contact me at jvhart@ku.edu.


The development and production of the many of the materials on this webpage were supported by an NIH grant through the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) and my employment as a postdoctoral researcher in the Higuchi Biosciences Center.  I have also enjoyed the continued support and guidance of Professor Estela Gavosto, my current postdoctoral mentor and the PI of the aforementioned IMSD grant.  Last but not least, I have had the pleasure to work with many hard-working and intelligent students who have brought creative ideas and made significant contributions to them.  Several will be individually acknowledged for the work on individual projects in the relevant summaries.

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