Cretan Hieroglyphic: Updates

inaugural date: 8 July 2010; last update: 16 December 2016

Recent changes:
1 March 2017all (?) volumes of Études Crétudes are available online, including GORILA and CHIC
16 December 2016Add the bibliographical references from Ferrara et al. 2016 for the Pyrgos material
15 May 2012in Lexicon.html, add shapes/materials of the sealstones (to see if there are vocabulary differences between soft & hard stones), add CMS III 236, VI Add. 2, and XII 10D to SealsImps.html
10 May 2012full information on the Vrysinas prism (both in the catalogue [SealsImps.html] and in the Lexicon
21 April 2012Lexicon: added a better picture of the catface sign
24 Dec 2011Lexicon: added pictures of the signs
23 Dec 2011Lexicon added; minor corrections to the other web pages
8 Aug 2011new hiero seal from Vrysinas (in /SealsImps.html, at the end)
21 Mar 2011seals catalogued in CMCG now given CMS III numbers
30 Aug 2010the lexicon is uploaded
8 July 2010addition of the Petras corpus

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