A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic

Part II

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J.G. Younger, Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel [CMS] Beiheft 4: A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age (Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, 1991)

CMS I, no. 223: lentoid of red jasper from the Vapheio Tholos cist (LH IIA context): robed man holds a griffin on a leash; on his wrist, a sealstone: Rehak 1994.

inaugural date: 1 August 2000
last update: 3 August 2017

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Bibliography I: from the late 4th c. BCE (Theophrastos) to 1990 CE (CMS Beiheft 4, A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age, by John G. Younger. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag 1991).

Bibliography II: from 1990 CE - present

Bibliography III. Volumes of the CMS

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Table of Contents

A. Bibliography, arranged by author
I. Books & Articles

B. Thematic Index
I. Primary Sources for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age
Excavation Reports

II. Articles or Books Primarily Concerning Special Aspects of Aegean Bronze Age Glyptic
Classes, arranged by Materials, Shapes and Style
Craftsmen and Workshops
Foreign Relations
Forgeries under Discussion
Individual Seals, Rings, Sealings, Pottery Impressions
Seal Use
Signs on Seals

III. Reviews

IV. Other Relevant Aegean Bronze Age Topics
Craftsmen & Workshops
Foreign Relations

V. The Glyptic of Other Cultures, Other Times
Asia Minor
Foreign Seals in Bronze Age Greece
Greece, Post-Bronze Age
Near East

VI. General Articles on Materials, Methods & Techniques

VII. Relevant Bibliographies & Journals

C. Topographical Index

D. Seal Websites & Email Addresses

Format and abbreviations for journals and books follow those formulated in the General Editorial Policy and Notes for Contributors, published in AJA 104.1 (January 2000) 1-24.

A. Bibliography, arranged by author

I. Books & Articles

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B. Thematic Index

I. Primary Sources for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age


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Excavation Reports

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II. Articles or Books Primarily Concerning Special Aspects of Aegean Bronze Age Glyptic


Müller, ed. 1995. CMS Beiheft 5


Classes, arranged by Materials, Shapes and Style

Abrassart 2000: MM prisms

Karytinos 2000: animal-shaped seals from Archanes

Müller 2005: gold rings

Müller 2006: Lapis lacedaemonius seals

MacGillivray 2005: gold rings

Molchanov 1989: sphragistic formulae

Pini 1998: gold rings

Pini 1999: glass seals

Pini 2006: MM II soft stone seals

Sbonias 1995: EM seals

Weingarten 2005: EM seals

Younger 1993: MM III-LM I seals

Younger 1999: glass seals

Younger 2000: Spectacle Eyes group

Craftsmen and Workshops

Dickers 2001: LM soft stone seals

Sbonias 2000: EM seals


Karnava 2000: archives of seals

Karytinos 2000: seals from Archanes-Phourni

Foreign Relations

Aruz 1998: Aegean and the Near East stamp and cylinder seals

Aruz 1999: Aegean and the Near East seals

Aruz 2005: travelling seals

Smith 2003: international style

Weingarten 1992 & 1994: Aegean and Anatolian sealing systems

Weingarten 1996: Aegean and Cypriot seals

Forgeries under Discussion

Ward 1990 (#38: lentoid with an octopus [probably Sangiorgi])
Pini 1998: Ring of Nestor

General Betts 1997

Betts & Ward 1993

Galanakis 2005

Müller, ed. 2000: CMS Beiheft 6

Niemeier 1997

Pini, ed. 1989: CMS Beiheft 3

Pini 1992: terminology

Pini 1996

Iconography Alexandri 1999: gods and heroes

Aruz 1994

Bloedow 1992: goats

Crowley 1999: originality

Drakaki 2007: recumbent bulls

Galanakis 2007: "goddess from beyond the sea"

German 2000: human body, eroticism

Jung 1997: people

Kandeler 1998: silphion

Kopcke 1999: men

Kyriakidis 2005 & 2008: floating objects

Kyriakidis 1997: nudity

Müller 2000: Master of lions

Palikisianos 1996: religion

Papatsaroucha 2005: the "double object"

Papatsaroucha 2000 & 2001: sanctuaries

Pini 1999: portraits

Pini 2000: recumbent bulls

Pini 2000: narrative

Pini 2007: architecture

Sansone 1988: Ta-urt

Tsagkarake 2006: people

van Effenterre, Henri and Micheline 1992: time

Wedde 2004: processions

Weingarten: 1989 a & b

Weingarten 2003: weave patterns

Wohlfeil 1997: general

Individual Seals, Rings, Sealings, Pottery Impressions

CMS I, no. 17 Ulanowska 1993
CMS I, no. 167Palaiologou 1995
CMS I, no. 223 Rehak 1994
CMS I, no. 293Dyczek 1991
CMS I, no. 425; CHIC #310Woudhuizen 2002
CMS II.1, no. 419Weingarten 1991d (not from Mallia, Chrysolakkos but from the Dépot hiéroglyphique)
CMS II.3, no. 56Rehak 2000: the man wears a sealstone
CMS II.3, nos. 133-136 Kanta 1980, 43: young individual: red sard pendant (bull's head), 2 small ivory male figurines (pins?), 4 seals, 2 amber spherical beads, amygdaloid bead of sard, silver bronze knife
CMS II.3, no. 276Kanta 1980, 186: 2 glass amygdaloid beads, jasper seal
CMS II.4, nos. 157-159Kanta 1980, 47: male skeleton in pit in dromos: 3 seals; dog sacrifice? in dromos
CMS II.4, nos. 160-161Kanta 1980, 47: 3 sarcophagoi; in sarcophagus 2: a seal; in sarcophagus 3: a seal; nearby: hoard of bronzes (tankard, sword w/ ivory handle, 2 razors, ladle, knife)
CMS II.5Fiandra 1994 & 2006; Foster 2006; Militello 2000
CMS II.6Palaima 1994
CMS II.6 nos. 19 [AT] & 260 [Sk]= sealing from Akrotiri, Thera, Delta D18 (Ergon 1995, 52-54, figs. 37-38; AR 1995-96, 37; Weingarten 1997: 787)
CMS II.6, nos. 234 & 235 Rehak & Younger 1995: Pyrgos roundel
CMS II.7, nos. 170 & 171Schlager 1996
CMS II.7, no. 218 Schlager 2000
CMS II.8, pp. 113-14Knossos, sealings from the Temple Repositories: Panagiotaki 1995
CMS II.8, p. 123Knossos, sealings from the Olive Press Room: Panagiotaki 1993
CMS II.8, no. 256Moss 2000
CMS V, nos. 35-149Renard 2001; Weingarten 1997 & 2000
CMS V nos. 426-441Wilkie 1992a: 264-68.
CMS V nos. 442-447Wilkie 1992b: 625-26.
CMS V nos. 594 & 595Shear 199? (Panagia Houses 41, 125-6): Mycenae Panagia House II rm 15, floor deposit (LH III B): sealings 208 & 209 found with hydria 134; sealing 207 found near SJ 123): sealing 209: (Ls) Master of agrimia (the two flank upside down in PT 31B); sealing 207 & 208: (As) bull-leaping R, with leaper supine to R ab and bel
CMS V Suppl. 1A no. 69Onassoglou 1989
CMS V Supp. 1A, no. 372Papadakis 1988
CMS V Suppl. 1B, nos. 68-70Demakopoulou 1990
CMS V Supp. 1B, nos. 35 & 36Younger 2007
CMS V Suppl. 1B, nos. 106-109:Davis 1992: 740
CMS V Suppl. 1B, no. 135Pini 1998, views of the hoop
CMS V Suppl. 1B, nos. 326 & 328Davis 1992: 723-24
CMS V Suppl. 1B, nos. 349-351Davis 1992: 715
CMS V Suppl. 1B, no. 446Baziou-Eustathiou 1985
CMS V Supp. 2Deger-Jalkotzy 2000; Schiering 2000
CMS V Supp. 3B, nos. 360-365Weingarten 2000
CMS V Supp. 3B, nos. 243-47Aidonia: Demakopoulou, ed. 1996; Howland 1997; Krystalli-Bosti 1989
CMS X no. 120Mühlestein 1958
CMS X 146Ward 1990, no. #33
CMS X 160Ward 1990, no. #35
CMS X 164 & 165Ward 1990, nos. #34 & #37

Sealings & Impressed Pottery
LNChios: Hood 1982: 627 fig. 283.7: clay sealing
EM III/MM IAPalaikastro, below building 7: BSA 87 (1992) 131 fig. 9.7: stamped weight
EM III-MM IKadmos 29 (1990) 103 no. 24, fig. 2, pl. 2: Protopalatial impressed cup handle, 5 elliptical forms in a circular arrangement
EM IIIKato Syme: Ergon 1993, fig. 101: sealing impressed by a Parading Lions stamp
EBAChios, Emborio: Davis 1992: 726: sealing
EH IIKathili, Argolid, surface find: Forsén 1992: 24: impressed terracotta hearth (EH II?)
MM IIAKnossos, South House: AR 39 (1992-1993): 68: 2 sealings
MM IIArkhanes, Phournoi, Bldg 18: Ergon 1987, fig. 151: sealing impressed by a Mallia Workshop prism: 2 men flank 2 amphorae in the center.
MM IIBPetras: Tsipopoulou & Hallager 1996a & b; Tsipopoulou 1998; Tsipopoulou e-mail message to AegeaNet 13 August 1997; Tsipopoulou & Hallager 2010: some 70 impressed noduli, crescents, and 2-hole hanging nodules
MM II-LM IPseira Bldg DA: AR 39 (1992-1993):79: as temper in the roof matrix, 10 sealings and sealing fragments [2 with ship representations]
LM IKhania: Andreadaki-Vlasaki and Hallager 2007: KH Wc 2123 impressed by a lentoid 9 times:
LM III AKN Ws 1707: Duhoux 1972
LM III A2Mallia, Quartier Nu X7 (LM III A2[?], destruction level): AR 1991, 65: sealed stirrup jar
MHpetschaft with circles, from Tiryns (AR 55, 2008-9, 24 fig. 33)
LM III A2Kommos: AR 1991, 61: "sealing of a type known to date only at Knossos at the beginning of LM III A2"
LM IAAkrotiri, Thera, Delta, D18: Ergon 1995, 52-54, figs. 37-38; AR 1995-96, 37; Weingarten 1997: 787; now on display in the Prehistoric Museum of Thera: "document sealings impressed by a gold ring (bull-leaping right; chariot right = CMS II, 6 nos. 19 [AT] & 260 [Sk]), and by an amygdaloi (2 griffins run)
LH III BMidea (exc. no. 91 YbL5 096): Walberg 1991: a: CYPERUS; b: RO-SO; c: impression??
LH III BMY WT 700: Taylour 1959: two-hole hanging nodule incised with *190.
LH III BPY Wr 1374: Blegen 1959: obverse: PU2-*35-*19?; reverse: PU+TELA

Miscellaneous Aegean Seals
LN pintaderaThessaly: Giannopoulos 1915: 97 pl. A' no. 13
LN pintaderaTharrounia, Euboea : BSA 87 (1992) 83 fig. 29a-b: bone stamp

EBAChios: Hood 1982: 626-7, figs. 283.5 & 6: terracotta stamps
EBAChios, Emborio: Davis 1992: 726: terracotta stamp seal
EB IIfoot amulet/seal from the Argolis: Fors&eacuten & Fors&eacuten 1992
EBA IIISkyros: Theochari et al. 1993: conical steatite stamp with drilled holes on the sides near the face for inlays; face has 4 dotted circles (D. ~3.2; H. pres. ~ 4.0)
EH IIAigion (Achaia): AR 1991, 21: "EH bone seal in the Lerna style"
EH IIPetri (Nemea): Kostoula 2000
EH IITsoungiza lead seal: Pullen 1994
EM IIMallia Palace: AR 1990-1, 73: seal impression (green clay) with a cruciform geometric motive
EM IIIKristos Kainourgiou tholos (EM II-III context): ArchDelt38 B2 (1983) 355, pl. 153 e-st: HM 2988 & 3015 conical stamps; HM 3014 ivory stamp cylinder (Parading Lions/Spiral Complex)
EM III/MM IALasithi prism: Davaras 1988
EMWard 1990 (#27: bone cylinder with floral designs; #28: bone ring with lines; #29 ivory animal-foreparts (YS 33c) with unknown design)
MM I-IIKommos: Shaw & Shaw 1991: steatite stamp (YS 31h) from an early MM house: hatching
MM I-IIWard 1990 (#30: theriomorph (sleeping dog) of "white steatite" with a Border-Leaf panel design; #31: theriomorph (bee?) of "white steatite" with S-spiral with two V-spurs; #32: Mallia 3-sided prism [a: a sitting boy; b: agrimi head; c: trussed calf])
MM IIMochlos street (LM I context): Hesperia 61 (1992) 439, pl. 101b: 4-sided prism with rectangular faces, steatite with yellow splotches: a) ship to left, with branch? in stern; b-d) dots at edges
MM IIMalia workshop seals: Poursat & Papatsarouha 2000
MM IIMonastiraki sealings: Godart et al. 2000
MM IIPalaikastro: MacGillivray & Sackett 1991: 144; fig. 20: plano-convex Button (Siteia Mus. PK 90/2240: YS 20; Ladder on the ridge) of green-black steatite (MM II context)
MM II-IIIFaure 2003 (NMA 8915; CHIC #294)
MM III-LM IIouktas: Karetsou 2005
LH IIVapheio: Bergamasco 2001
LH III A-BKato Maurolophos (So. Thessaly): AR 1991, 38: large Mycenaean ChT (LH III A1-B) with sealstones (Deltion 39 Chr 140)
LH III A1Thebes (LH IIA-B, III A1 context): BCH 114 (1990) 764 (Chronique): "superb" seal with heraldic lions, birds, bucranium & palms
LH III B-COlympos (central Macedonia): AR 39 (1992-1993): Mycenaean cemetery of 8 cist tombs: sealstones over the chest of, apparently, a woman.
LH III B2Mycenae Panagia House area: Shear 199? (Panagia Houses 118, unstratified): fluorite lentoid (broken) with calf in PT 6, R; steatite lentoid (broken) with quadruped in PT 2, R; and steatite amygdaloid with 2 addorsed bucrania
LH III B2Midea, rooms by W gate (LH III B2 context): AR 1991, 213 fig. 10, & Demakopoulou et al. 1994, figs. 43-44: 6 seals (4 of steatite, 1 of jasper, 1 agate cushion with Minotaur attacked by a Fish-Monster, figure-8 shield in back & above.

Midea, room XIV in the west part of the building complex near the West Gate (LH III B:2 late, earthquake destruction): haematite lentoid: "frontal human face flanked by 2 arms with forearms and hands suspended... surrounded by a snake" (AR 54, 2007-8, 29 fig. 35)

Midea: cylinder of "black stone" (AR 55, 2008-9, 23 fig. 32): goats in PT 2

LH III BBeylerbi, Pylos Regional Area Project: AR 39 (1992-1993), figs. 21-22: steatite lentoid with a bull [not "goat" as published; Mainland Popular Group] in PT 1A, L
LH III BEuboia: Papavasileiou 19??: pl. IE' no. 2: steatite lentoid (Mainland Popular Group)
LH III BGla, Bldg M (N bldg of the E wing): AR 1990-1, 34: "fine" seal; Iakovidis 1997
LH III BMycenae sealings: Müller et al. 1998
LH III BPylos sealings: Flouda 2000; Pini 1997
LH III BPylos seals: Dyczek 1992;
LH III BThebes, 6 seals: Andrikou 2003
LH III BThebes: Killen 1992 & 1994; Palaima 2000; Sergent 1997
LH III BZygouries: Blegen 1928: 207 fig. 198: steatite lentoid (Mainland Popular Group)
LH III CMitrou: lentoid of steatite (AR 55, 2008-9, 53 fig. 86)
LH IIIPoros, Kephallonia: e-mail message from Olga Ladopoulou-Palaggia (21 April 1994) on AegeaNet: tholos tomb ("tomb of Odysseus") excavated in 1992
LH IIIPsara, Archonitki: Davis 1992: 727: cylinder seal

LM I A-III A2Kommos: Shaw & Shaw 1991: sepentine lentoid of serpentine from House X, rm 6 (LM IA-LM III A2 abandonment): bird (Cretan Popular) flies right
LM I AAkrotiri, Thera, Xeste 3: BCH 1991/1992, PAGE?
LM I AKommos Bldg Gallery P2 (LM IA context): Shaw & Shaw 1993a: 154 (pyramidal stamp (pl. 39a; unperforated) with a P design)
LM I AKommos Bldg X, room 2 (LM IA context): Shaw & Shaw 1993: 143-47 (schist "bead seal" (pl. 22d): concentric centered circles; and a black steatite cushion seal (pl. 22e): lines); & pl. 20b (pyramidal stamp with hatching)
LM I BMochlos Island, Building C (LM IB context?): Soles 1991: cornelian lentoid (D. ~1.8): agrimi in PT 10A, L; pica in back (Cut Style); serpentine cushion: agrimi in PT 1A, R; pica in back (Cretan Popular; also see Hesperia 61 (1992) 432, fig. 10 pl. 101a); SH vertical; unfinished lentoid
LM IKhania: Hallager 2002

Gavdos Katalymata: a talismanic in agate (boat), discoid with cross and hatching (AR 55, 2008-9, 101)

LM IKommos Bldg X, room 1: Shaw 1993b: amygdaloid of cornelian ("Marine Schools") with 2 dolphins tête-bêche clockwise, star/sea anemone in the center, mountguides above & below, SH horizontal
LM IPoros ring: Dimopoulou & Rethemiotakis 2000
LM ISyme "Runner's Ring": Lebessi et al. 2004
LM IThera sealings: Doumas 2000
LM III A/BStavros Galias Tb 2: Kanta 1980, 89: 3 seals.
LM III A1Palaikastro building 7 room 6 (LM III A1 context): BSA 87 (1992) 140 fig. 18: steatite cushion (?)
LM III A2-BMochlos chamber tombs: Soles 1994: lentoid of dark steatite, conical back ["Armenoi Group"] with a lion in PT 2, R, erased hindquarters in front, and column behind; lentoid of dark steatite, conical back ["Armenoi Group"], with a sphinx in PT 10A, R
LM III AGoudhies ChT: Kanta 1980, 113.
LM III AKommos Bldg X, room room 7 (LM IIIA context): Shaw & Shaw 1993a : 152 (lentoid (pl. 25b) with CP bird-woman (SH horizontal) [also reported in AR 1991, 61], and n. 59, dated late (pace: Weingarten Zakro Master 111-12)
LM III AKyparissi, Herakleiou: Rethemiotakis 1987: pl. 7.4: lentoid with dog left attacking lion right in PT 43; style looks like a mix of Spectacles & Cut-Style -- no modeling whatsoever
LM III BChania, unrobbed ChT (LM III B) with single burial: AR 1991, 70: 9 sealstones, 29 pots, one bronze vessel, bronze weapons, gold & silver beads and ornaments, and beads of other materials. "The seals seem to be earlier (LM III A) than the pottery." (Deltion 39, Chr 299-301)
LM III BKyparissi Temenous: AR 39 (1992-1993): 71: chamber tomb with burials on biers, a Cypriot bowl, gold jewelry, and a sealstone
LM III A-BPakhyammos-Kateri Koumos (near Seager's villa) ChT (LM III A2 & B): Kanta 1980, 144: sarcophagus (1 skeleton) containing a sard seal with bird.
LM III A-B earlyKnossos sealings: Popham 1997; Weingarten 1994 & 1997
LM III A-B earlyKnossos Wm sealings: Firth 2002-2003; Killen 2002-2203
LM III A-CArmeni: Dickers 1994
LM IIIB-CAdromyloi-Kantemi Kephali ChT: Kanta 1980, 185: gold ring with elliptical bezel, seal
LM IIIB-CArkhanes-Katsoprinias Tb: Kanta 1980, 32: 6 burials (2 in sarcs): gold ring, 4 seals
LM IIIB-CAvgo-Peponas, pithos burial: Kanta 1980, 146: prism seal, lentoid seal, signet ring
LM IIIB-CPraesos-Photoula tholos: Kanta 1980, 181: burial(s?) lowered from the opened capstone; floor of tholos had a sarcophagus with cremation burial, accompanied by a gold ring, ivory handle with 4 gold nails, fragment of gold plaque decorated with argonauts
LM IIIBPoros settlement, house: Kanta 1980, 26: unfinished seal
LM"Idaean Cave": Praktika 1984, 593 pl. 251d (CP lentoid of serpentine? [cf., CMS VIII, no. 124] with lion in PT 1A, L, erased quadruped foreleg infr, column capital ab, & Branch 3 bel)
LMMessenia, Ellenika ChT: AR 1990-1, 32: ring with bull-leaping scene

Rings of Nestor, Minos

Minos: Beckmann 2003; Dimopoulou & Rethmiotakis 2004

Ward collection (see LH I-III, Aidonia; and CMS V Supp. 3B, nos. 243-47, above)
Anonymous 1993
Brysac 1996
Betts 1993b (gold ring with horse-drawn chariot; gold ring with two women; steatite lentoid with couchant bull; agate lentoid with sow and pig/boar; amethyst scaraboid with a) man and griffin, b) flying bird, c) woman to R; gold jewelry including unengraved rings & beads)
Ward 1990 (#36: soft-stone lentoid with a bull en face [Spectacle-Eyes group])

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impressed weights

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Survivals 19th c. views of seals: Krzyszkowska 2000

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re-engraved seals: Pini 2000

III. Reviews

IV. Other Relevant Aegean Bronze Age Topics


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Jewelry Moulds
Midea, rooms by W gate (LH III B2 context): AR 1991, 213: a steatite mould, along with "much debitage, indicates the presence of workshops for jewelry in various materials."

Unengraved Rings
LH II A: Vapheio tholos cist (LH IIA context): Pini 1998, fig. 13: cloisoné ring NMA 1803
LH III: Koukaki: Pini 1998; & Pantelidou 19??: 108 no. 12, pl. 49 b-g: ring (NMA 7743), L bezel 1.79, W. bezel 1.15, inner D. hoop 1.59-1.79
LH: Prostovitsa, Achaia: Papdopoulos 1996?, pl. 109: gold ring cup with circular bezel (empty), with appliqué wave of gold on hoop flanked by 2 rows of granules; a row of granules encircles the cup
LM III A-B: Pakhyammos 1951 Tb (LM IIIA2-B early) at Alatsomouri: Kanta 1980, 143: round pyxis containing beads, & 2 plain gold rings
LM III C: Mouliana Th. B: Kanta 1980, 176: 1st skeleton lay on the floor on sand & pebbles; 2nd skeleton in sarcophagus with bronze disks, 2 swords, 2 spearheads, gold ring, 2 pieces of ivory, piece of iron, gold face-mask
LM III C: Mouliana-Vourlia: Kanta 1980, 176: gold ring bought
LM IIIC-Geometric: Athanatoi ChT 2: Kanta 1980, 17: silver ring on one finger


V. The Glyptic of Other Cultures, Other Times


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    Greece, Post-Bronze Age
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    LM III C-Geometric seal: Kavousi tholos: Kanta 1980, 145: 19 vases & 3 seals (ArchDelt 1954)
    Classical: AR 1991, 55: Delos, SW of the Sanctuary of Promachon, seals fallen from upper storey similar to those from the House of the Seals: "A total of 108 seals have now been recovered from that House, all individual but of known types." (Praktika 1987, 212-6; 1988, 178-183); Boardman 1997; Nikulina 1981; Ridgway 2000 (Pithekoussai); Scerbakova 1998 (Chersonese); Schachner & Meriç 2000 (Ionia)
    Hellenistic: Phaklares 1983: 218-20 & 237: pottery stamps
    Byzantine: Seibt Date

    Archaic: Tracey 1986: ring, probably from the Argive Heraeum, gives the earliest Argive text: Awriknídas anétheke thioî Leuqoléoi Érai

    Sealings & Impressions
    Archaic: Paros, Sanctuary of Athena (NE corner): Ergon 1986, 111, pl. 86: 7 intact, early Archaic sealings impressed by an amygdaloid carrying a standing human figure

    Late Classical: Khristodoulopoulou-Proike 1977: late IVth cent. B.C. ringstone's clay impression used as a love-phylaktery; the ringstone was engraved with a man and women embracing and inscribed with "ékho te kai philó Aristotéle" ("I've got you and I love you, Aristotle"); it is not out of the question that the pair are the philosopher Aristotle and his mistress, eventually his wife, Herpyllida.

    Seal Impressions on Papyri
    Hunt, A.S., and C.C. Edgar, Select Papyri, in 4 vols. Cambridge: Harvard UP 1970.
    • vol. 1, no. 82: P. Eleph. 2, 11. 1-18 (284 BCE): An early Ptolemaic will: On the reverse, names and seals of the five principals and the six witnesses.
    • vol. 1, no. 74: P. Pyl. 174: Receipt for repyment of a loan (112 CE): on the reverse, a red stamp showing head and shoulders of the Emperor surrounded by the inscription in 2 circle: (étous) is Autokratoros Kaisaros Neroua Traianou Sebastou Germanikou Dakikou (Year 16 of the Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajanus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus).
    • vol. 1, no. 84: P. Oxy. 494 (156-65 CE): Will: "I, the aforesaid Acusilaus son of Dius, have made this will, the whole body of which is in my own writing, with all the above provisions. I am 48 years of age, with a scar on the right foot, and my seal (sphragis) is an image of Thonis. I, Didymus son of Onnophis also called Chaeremon son of Herodes, of Oxyrhynchus, one of the witnesses to the above will, have recognized my seal being an imprint of a Hermes, and I sealed (esphragisa) with the said seal. I, Asclepiades son of eudaemon son of Asclepiades, of Oxyrhynchus, another of the witnesses to the above will, have recognized my seal being an imprint of a Sarapis, and I sealed with the said seal. I, Didymus son of Diymus son of Enthesmos, agoranomos of Oxyrhynchus, another of the witnesses to the said will, have recognized my seal being an imprint of an Apollo, and I sealed with the said seal. I, Asclepiades son of Asclepiades son of Pausirion of the said city, have recognized my seal being an imprint of a Heracles, and I sealed with the said seal

    Byzantine seals (see also section D, below): Besevliev 1981; Laurent 1981

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    Near East
    Sax et al. 1998: engraving Mesopotamian cylinder seals
    on quartz (Mohs 7) seals: 4 basic techniques
  • micro-chipping (tool w/ sharp hard point)
  • filing (tool w/ straight edge)
  • wheel-cutting - on axis parallel to seal face
  • drilling - perpendicular to seal face
  • no evidence of wheel cutting before Old Babylonian period
    emery (Al2O3; hardness 9): 500 blocks found at LB Ras Ibn Hani, Syria

    Carthaginian: Berges 1995
    Approximately 4,000 clay seals (originally unfired, and burnt by the destruction of 146 BC) were excavated; originally the VIth-Vth century BCE archive of a temple estate, the seals bear the imprints of scarabs of Thutmosis III, "as well as impressions of (Western) Greek seal stones and rings, which testify to an early and lasting Hellenization of Punic Carthage."

    Arabian Gulf, a seal with Indus Valley connections: Caspers 1983

    VI. General Articles on Materials, Methods & Techniques

    "Adaptations of Egyptian Stone Vessels": Warren 1997

    La Crète myc&eacutenienne: Driessen & Farnoux, eds. 1997

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    VII. Relevant Bibliographies & Journals

    C. Topographical Index

    D. Seal & Bead Websites & Email Addresses

    King's College London. Prosopography of the Byzantine World. Seal studies

    Society of Bead Researchers

    Arachne, images from the University of Cologne and the German Archaeological Institute
    all seals published in the CMS (for both web access sites, create an account and log in for best results)

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