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last update: 5 October 2011

Welcome to AegeaNet, a discussion and news group on the pre-classical Aegean world from Palaeolithic to Homer and beyond. AegeaNet was born in December 1993 (as aegeanet@duke.edu), was announced at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Washington D.C. on 29 December.

AegeaNet moved to the University of Kansas (aegeanet@ku.edu) on 20 February 2002. At present it has over 900 subscribers.

The purpose of AegeaNet is to facilitate discussion, initiate and test new ideas, and explore possibilities in the world of the Aegean Bronze Age. Ideas, musings and queries, sample arguments, fully developed theses, and even entire drafts of papers are welcome.

Although AegeaNet is for general consumption, it is a "restricted" list, meaning that only members of AegeaNet may post to the list.

Please leave the primary listing of bibliography to NESTOR, unless something appropriate has been missed. Bibliographical inquiries, however, are welcome, and so are thematic bibliographies that we can all share.

Also note: AegeaNet, like any other internet service is a personal service; it belongs to John Younger, the owner and manager. Free speech is allowed -- but only up to a point. Postings that are considered rude or irrelevant will result in the subscriber being un-subscribed.

Please observe the usual etiquette for E-mail networks:

Subscribers who will not be civil will be un-subscribed by the list-owner/manager.

Two rules of etiquette are good to keep in mind:

Remember also to keep dicussions on AegeaNet more or less on appropriate topics; if you have personal responses, please direct them to the appropriate individual.

Students asking AegeaNetters for research information should state clearly their previous research on the subject, their research goals, the university they are attending, and with whom they are studying.

AegeaNetters whose 'mailbox' becomes full (and which therefore cannot accept new messages) will be un-subscribed from AegeaNet AUTOMATICALLY. The unaccepted messages get bounced to me, the list-owner, and processing them takes time.

Please go through your messages, save the ones you want to keep in folders, delete the rest.

Keep your mailbox lean & happy!

AegeaNet is digested and archived.

If you have problems, need help, or wish to update or change your subscription address, please e-mail

the list-owner: John Younger (jyounger@ku.edu)

Happy AegeaNetting!