Deep City

Deep City by Megan Kaminski
Noemi Press, 2015

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In Deep City Megan Kaminski continues her role as cartographer of desire, of longings both “feudal,” futile, and refined. Her delicate poems loiter at the intersection of bodies and letters (both alphabetic and epistolary), where objects and imagination collude. Kaminski’s poems beautifully illustrate how our sense perceptions insistently puncture through even the most rational arrangement. Deep City—not so much a place as a literary pleasure.
—Jennifer Moxley

She writes, “what if I split it open / melon ripe and red / let them all out” but there is no “what if” about it as these beautiful poems dispatch us around the world where everyone awaits.  The vivid reimagined anatomy of the page in Megan Kaminski’s brilliant Deep City is host to the unexpected “slide from languid to louche” listening with our enthusiastic ears.  You will be wild about this book with me!

These poems pace among fresh flowers in the daytime, and set out on strange errands in the night. Between buildings, down alleys, through shadows and leaf litter and under the jewels of city lights, comes a voice of obsessive listmaking, that names and repeats and mutters under the breath, that says: do not forget this, do not forget that, do not forget any of it.
—Patricia Lockwood

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