Gemology by Megan Kaminski
Little Red Leaves Textile Series 2012
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Gemology, a new poem by Megan Kaminski, whizzes thru city streets where we meet the bodega, the boneman, the baker. Hold on to your hat as you read this… it might fly off!
                  -LRL Textile Series

Megan Kaminski’s chapbook Gemology works through a troika of tropes: the word, the flesh, and the city. The collection, in many ways, seeks to collapse these three distinctive terms so as to render their differences unintelligible.
                 -Joshua Ware, from a review in Vouched Books

Kaminski wants to cuddle, she wants to astound; we are drawn in by the lyrical smoothness and seduced by “kisses linger ruby-lined-wrist.” This book wants to bed you, it wants to take you on a tour of the sites, and then it wants to split you open: “melon ripe and red/ let them all out.”
               -Megan Burns, from a review in Solid Quarter

For Kaminski this is no dichotomy of spirit or mind; the two perspectives are connected, interwoven, to the point that in poem #5 the city becomes a second skin (“silk feathers curling horns / gold chains old rags smelling of animal / I put on my city / buildings cafes shops / soft text keening”).
               -Bill Scalia, from a review in Galatea Ressurects

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