Deep City
Reviewed by Dale Enggass in Quarterly West, 86
Reviewed by Ethel Rackin in Jacket2
Reviewed by Caroline Crew in The Rumpus
Reviewed by Amish Trivedi in Sink Review
Reviewed by Patrick Riedy in Yellow Field, 11 (reprinted in Galatea Resurrects, 26)
Reviewed by Nancy Posey in The Los Angeles Review
Reviewed by Rob McLennan

Desiring Map
Reviewed by Brenda Sieczkowski in The Rumpus
Reviewed by Dale Enggass in Quarterly West, 78
Reviewed by Farrah Field in the Denver Quarterly, 47.3

Reviewed by Kristina Marie Darling in The Literary Review
Reviewed by Marthe Reed in Nous Zot
Reviewed by Edric Mesmer in Yellow Field, 6
Reviewed by Rob McLennan

Other Works
Gemology reviewed by Bill Scalia in Galatea Resurrects, 23
Gemology reviewed by Joshua Ware in Vouched Books
Gemology reviewed by Megan Burns in Solid Quarter
Wintering Prairie reviewed by Ryan Pratt in Ottawa Poetry Newsletter
Collection reviewed by Chris Pusateri in American Saliva
"The Politics of Play" reviewed by Zara Raab in The Review Review, 6
Poems reviewed by Joe Ceravolo in The Poetry Project Newsletter (reprint in Jacket2)