English 105: Freshman Honors English
Fall 1997
T-Th 11-12:20
220 Fraser

Professor Kathryn Conrad
Office: 2035 Wescoe
Office Hours: T-Th 2:30-3:30 and by appointment
E-mail: kconrad@eagle.cc.ukans.edu

Graded portfolios will be available Monday, Dec. 15 at noon (2035 Wescoe).

Course Description and Requirements:

In this course, we will read, discuss, and write about a number of literary texts in several genres, including poetry, drama, and one graphic novel. I have divided the readings into pairs that fall under general themes: acting and action, self and other, fragmentation and rebuilding, memory and knowledge, and authority and paralysis. As we explore the texts, however, I am certain these themes will overlap and build upon each other in unexpected ways.

Since this is a discussion-based course, part of your grade (20%) will be based on participation. I will take attendance. If you are unable to attend class because of illness or emergency, please contact me (a note in my departmental mailbox or, better yet, via e-mail), or send a message via one of your classmates. Sniffles, away-games, or heavy work in other classes do not constitute excusable absences: if you are having schedule difficulties, however, do speak to me before you have to miss class.

The rest of your grade (80%) will be based on five short (2-3 page) response papers, the first draft of which will be due during our discussion of the text on which you have chosen to write. Your drafts will be commented upon but not graded. You may submit essays for comments as many times as you'd like, but once you submit your paper for a grade, no more changes will be allowed. The last day on which any essay may be submitted for a grade is the final day of class. On this day, you will turn in to me all drafts with comments and all final drafts.

Revision to paper requirement, 16 September 97:
You also have the option to write a sixth paper on any topic and in any genre (fiction, personal essay, etc.). This essay may replace the worst of your short essays (assuming, of course, that it isn't the worst essay itself). This paper may be revised, just like the others for the course; it will be graded based on how well it "works" within its genre.

Online Writing Help:

Syllabus (reading schedule subject to change; check here for current dates):

Th 21: Introduction

T26: Acting and Action: Hamlet
Th28: Hamlet

T2: Hamlet
Th4: Tea

T9: Tea
Th11: Self and Other: Jane Eyre

T16: Jane Eyre
Th18: Jane Eyre

T23: Jane Eyre
Th25: Jane Eyre; no office hours

T30: Wide Sargasso Sea
October 2: Rosh Hashana--no class

T7: Wide Sargasso Sea
Th9: Wide Sargasso Sea

T14: Fragmentation and Rebuilding: The Waste Land. Bring three copies of an essay on which you're working to class.
Th16: The Waste Land. Writing groups.

T21: The Waste Land
Th23: Maus I

T28: Maus II
Th30: Thesis workshops. Memory and Knowledge: Mrs. Dalloway

T4: Mrs. Dalloway
Th6: Mrs. Dalloway

T11: Song of Solomon
Th13: Song of Solomon

T18: Song of Solomon
Th20: Joy Harjo discussing The Woman Who Fell From the Sky, Alderson Auditorium, Kansas Union, 11 am (i.e., during class). Students strongly encouraged to attend.

T25: Song of Solomon. Office hours by appontment: e-mail to schedule.
Th27: Thanksgiving

M1: Appointments available after 10:30 am: e-mail to schedule.
T2: Authority and Paralysis: Dubliners: "The Sisters," An Encounter," and "The Boarding House." Bring in 3 copies of a paper which you want to discuss with your writing group.
Th4: Writing groups; Waiting for Godot

T9: Waiting for Godot. Portfolios (all drafts with comments and final drafts of all five essays) due.

M15: Graded portfolios available at noon.

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