Paper topics--Paper #4

English 205: Women's Autobiography and Bildungsromane
Fall 97

You're also invited to write on Audre Lorde's Zami: A New Spelling of My Name as well as Madonna's Truth or Dare.

1. What kind of authority is being privileged in The House on Mango Street? Compare in particular Darius's explanation of clouds (p. 34) to Esperanza's (pp. 36ff).

2. We talked in class about the naming of names in The House on Mango Street being tied to familiarity and comfort. Complicate this assertion by examining who has names, what kinds of names people have, what names are left out, and/or what the significance of changing one's name might be.

3. Kingston invokes the image of the coin more than once in "No Name Woman." What is its significance?

4. Eating is one activity brought up several times in The Woman Warrior (e.g., p. 26, 88ff, 170, 204). Why and how is eating important?

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