English 314.25795: British Literature from 1800 

Spring 2001         *             Tuesdays,  7-9:20  pm          *             4041 Wescoe

Course website: http://eagle.cc.ukans.edu/~kconrad/314s01.html
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Professor Office Hours and Contact Information:

Professor Katie Conrad
e-mail: kconrad@ukans.edu
office address: 2035 Wescoe Hall
office hours: after class (9:30 pm) TR and daytime by appointment
office phone: 864-2572
real mail address:
3114 Wescoe Hall
Department of English
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS  66045-2115

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This course is a survey of British literature of the Romantic, Victorian, Modernist, and contemporary periods. We will be concerned in this course not only with literary form but also with some of the political and social issues that serve as context for the literature. Our readings will include essays, poetry, drama, short fiction, and novels.

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