English 790: (Studies in) Queer Theory

Spring 2008
TR 2:30-3:45
4021 Wescoe
UPDATED 4/10/08
Course website: http://people.ku.edu/~kconrad/790s08.html
Blackboard website:  https://courseware.ku.edu/webapps/login/?campus_id=1

Professor Kathryn Conrad

Office hours: Wednesdays 1-3:30, Wescoe
Office:  3043 Wescoe, 4-2572
(Secondary office: 202 Nunemaker, 4-3314

This course will explore the field of contemporary queer theory, its history and intersections with other critical discourses--especially gender, race, public sphere, and literary theories--and its cultural and political applications. No prior study of queer theory is expected, although a prior familiarity with critical theory, feminist theory, and/or gender theory is useful. At least one film will be screened outside of the scheduled class time.


Students will be expected to participate in classroom and online discussion, do a written and oral presentation on an article of their own choosing, and complete a final paper/project.
*Oral and written presentation on one scholarly article or book chapter outside of the texts available for class. Your article must be submitted to me (15 photocopies or a computer file for upload onto Blackboard) by February 21.  I will assign the dates for presentations.  

This schedule is subject to change.  The most accurate schedule will be reflected on this website.

Th Jan 17:
Course introduction.
Intro questionnaire (available on Blackboard for those who join class late).

T Jan 22:
Introduction: the roots of queer theory: Jagose, 1-71. Feminist roots: Rubin, "Thinking Sex"; de Lauretis, "Sexual Indifference and Lesbian Representation"; in Abelove et al.

Th Jan 24: 
Feminism, lesbianism, strategies: Frye, "Some Reflections on Separatism and Power"; Wittig, "One Is Not Born a Woman"; in Abelove. Carbado, "Privilege," in Johnson et al.

T Jan 29:  
Lesbigay epistemologies: Sedgwick, "Epistemology of the Closet," in Abelove. Ross, "Beyond the Closet as Raceless Paradigm," in Johnson.

Th Jan 31: 
Sexual identity and capitalism: Clark, "Commodity Lesbianism"; D'Emilio, "Capitalism and Gay Identity"; in Abelove.

T Feb 5: 
Lesbigay pedagogy: Conrad and Crawford, "Passing/Out," on Blackboard. 

Th Feb 7:
Alexander, "Embracing the Teachable Moment"; Clark, "Are We Family?" in Johnson.

T Feb 12:
Queer narrative: activism
: Maguire
Th Feb 14:
Maguire & ILGO video

T Feb 19:  

\Queer theory:
Jagose, 71-132; "Introduction," Corber et al.; "Introduction"; Johnson et al.; Cohen, "Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?", in Johnson.

Th Feb 21:  
Queer v normal:
Warner, The Trouble With Normal

Article choice due.

T Feb 26:
Warner, The Trouble With Normal

Th Feb 28:
Queer counterpublics: Warner, Publics and Counterpublics

T Mar 4:  
Warner, Publics and Counterpublics
Reminder:  have you posted at least twice to Blackboard?
Th Mar 6:
Warner, Publics and Counterpublics
Article summary due.

T Mar 11: 
Queer narrative: art:  Bechdel, Fun Home
Th Mar 13: Bechdel, Fun Home

T Mar 25:
Queering gender, genderqueer: Butler, "Imitation and Gender Insubordination"; Garber, "Spare Parts"; in Abelove.
Paper proposal and bibliography due.
Th Mar 27: Chase, "Hermaphrodites with Attitude."

T Apr 1: ; Hale, "Leatherdyke Boys and Their Daddies"; in Corber. Case, "Toward a Butch-Femme Aesthetic," in Abelove. 
Th Apr 3:  Wilchins, "A Certain Kind of Freedom," in Nestle et al. Queer narrative: genderqueer: Nestle, 67-129

T Apr 8:
Paper proposals and bibliographies returned.
Th Apr 10: Nestle, finish

T Apr 15:
Nestle, finish
Th Apr 17: no class
T Apr 22: Halberstam
Th Apr 24: no class
Reminder: have you done your minimum number of Blackboard posts?

T Apr 29: 
Th May 1:  Halberstam
Paper rough drafts returned.  

M May 5:
Paris is Burning
May 6:
Discussion of PiB
Th May 8:  TBA
Last day of class.  Evaluations

Paper final drafts due on the day of the final exam.