Chalk drawing of James Joyce, Dublin, Bloomsday 1992

English 960:  Major Authors:  Joyce
M * 7-9:45 pm * 3132 Wescoe
Fall 2003

Professor Kathryn Conrad

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In this course, we will be reading most of James Joyce's major works works--Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, poetry, Dubliners, Ulysses, and selections from Finnegans Wake. Among the topics we will explore are the ways Joyce variously exploits and challenges systems of authority, the relationship between style and content, and the many controversies surrounding Joyce and his works. The majority of the semester will be devoted to Ulysses.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
Ulysses, Gabler edition, Random House, ISBN: 0394743121.
Finnegans Wake.

The New Bloomsday Book, Harry Blamires.
Ulysses Annotated, Don Gifford.
Annotations to Finnegans Wake, Roland McHugh.
Joyce's Book of the Dark, John Bishop (not ordered).

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James Joyce photo


Students will be expected to write one article-length paper, research and present to the class one published critical article with one- to two-page written summary and discussion questions, and participate in classroom AND online discussion.

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Students with Disabilities:
The staff of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), 135 Strong, 785-864-2620 (v/tty), coordinates accommodations and services for KU courses. If you have a disability for which you may request accommodation in KU classes and have not contacted them, please do as soon as possible. Please also see me privately in regard to this course (Adopted from SSD statement).

Plagiarism is stealing and passing off someone else's ideas or words as one's own or using information from another's work without crediting the source. Any detected cheating offense--including but not limited to plagiarism, the unauthorized use of crib sheets, texts, or other materials during an examination or quiz, the copying of another student's work (even with the permission or aid of that student, who is thereby culpable), the use of prewritten essays (the student's own or someone else's), or the unauthorized use of work written for another assignment or class--will be reported to the University. A record of each verified offense will be kept throughout the student's association with the University (Adopted from FSE statement).

If after reading the statement above, you are still unclear about what constitutes plagiarism, ask me before turning in an assignment. A plagiarized assignment will result in failure of the course.

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Chalk drawing of James Joyce (altered colors), Dublin, Bloomsday, 1992

General Joyce resources:
  • Check out the Spencer Library's collection of Joyce materials!  See the Special Collections:  Irish Collections site for a short description, but walk yourself over there (not the Museum--the Library, which is behind Strong Hall) to experience the full effect.
  • Work in Progress: The James Joyce Homepage
  • Homer's Holistical-Horrifical-Humongistical List of James Joyce Materials
  • James Joyce Resource Center
  • Earreverently Ayeing James Joyce
  • The Brazen Head
  • Specific Joycean links of interest: (feel free to e-mail suggestions!)
  • The POETRY:
  • The WAKE
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    This schedule is subject to change!—see this site for updates and more detailed information.

    M 8/25   Introduction.  Sign up for presentations.
    M 9/1    Labor day--no class.  Explore the Spencer Library's Joyce collection.
    M 9/8    Portrait of the Artist.
    M 9/15   Poetry and beginning of Dubliners.

    M 9/22    Dubliners. Finish.
    M 9/29    Ulysses. Chs. 1-3.
    M 10/6    Ulysses. Chs. 4-6. Ulysses.
    M 10/13   Ulysses.  Chs. 7-9.
    M 10/20   Ulysses. Chs. 10-12.
    M 10/27   Ulysses. Chs. 13-14.
    M 11/3    Ulysses.  Chs. 14-15.
    M 11/10   Ulysses.  Chs. 16-17.
    M 11/17   Ulysses.  Ch. 18.
    M 11/24   Finnegans Wake. Selections.[Check out my crib sheet; see above for links to Joyce reading from the Wake and for the Dubliners singing the song "Finnegan's Wake."]
    M 12/1    Finnegans Wake. Selections.
    M 12/8    Last day. Finnegans Wake. Selections.
    F 12/12   Paper due.

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