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School of Law

Women In Law

Pub Night:

Originating in the 1980’s, Pub Night has become one of the largest fundraisers run by a student organization at KU Law. The proceeds from this fundraiser go toward student summer stipends as well as to women’s charities within
the local community, which rely heavily on our contribution. Students, Faculty, and Alumni are welcome to attend. Highlights of the night include:

  • a Silent Auction featuring items from local Lawrence favorites,
    past prizes have included a KU football Helmet signed by Coach Mangino, Waxman candles, and personal yoga lessons.
  • a Live Auction where you can bid on your favorite professor,
    whether its wind sailing with Professor Hecker, a gourmet
    dinner prepared by Professor Sward, or a country club brunch
    with the McAllisters.
  • a variety show featuring student performances, everything from
    comedic acts, to dance offs, to a full on production of MTV’s
    “Made” law school style, the show displays our multi-talented
    student body.
  • the traditional 1L Skit. Each year the 1L members of Women In Law combine forces to create and perform an original skit keeping
    with the current theme.
  • food & drinks are provided for everyone to enjoy.
  • and The Moody Bluebooks, a bluesy rock band composed of
    faculty, staff and alumni, perform original songs with a
    decidedly “law school” twist.

For a glimpse of the action, please click on the following links: Moody Bluebooks performance part 1 Moody Bluebooks performance part 2 Moody Bluebooks performance part 3