Department of Mathematics

University of Kansas

1460 Jayhawk Blvd

Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7567 

Lucian Grand

Graduate Teaching Assistant in Mathematics

Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics; 2012, Haverford College

Master of Fine Arts, Mathematics; 2019, University of Kansas

Office: 451 Snow Hall

Phone: (785) 864 1494

E-mail: lgrand AT ku DOT edu

Office hours: My office is Snow 451. I will be available Mondays from 2-3, or by appointment.

Classes taught: 

    •    MATH 002: Intermediate Algebra. Topics include factoring and expanding, algebra techniques, the quadratic formula, inequalities and linear equations, exponents and radicals, and long division.

    •    MATH 115: Calculus I. Topics include basic properties of derivatives, applications of the derivative to business and economics, applications including optimization, exponential models, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and integration by substitution.

    •    MATH 125: Calculus I. Topics include exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of differentiation, and basic properties and applications of antiderivatives.

    •    MATH 126: Calculus II. Topics include integration techniques, applications of integration, convergence of infinite series, Taylor series, complex numbers, vector and plane geometry.

    •    MATH 127: Calculus III. Topics include differentiation in multiple variables, the CBS inequality, optimization, Lagrange multipliers, matrices and determinants, 3D geometry, integration in several variables, and vector-analysis theorems.

    •    MATH 145: Honors Calculus I. Topics include basic properties of the real numbers, epsilon-delta definition of limits, continuity of real functions, trigonometry and the angle-addition formulas, strange functions, applications of the Mean Value Theorem, optimization, Newton’s Method, sigma notation and closed-form sums, Riemann sums, integration techniques and applications, problem-solving, and probability.

Current teaching: 

    •    MATH 126: Calculus II Enhanced. Similar topics to MATH 126, but taught 5 days a week in a lab setting. Emphasis on problem solving, algebra, and exploration.

Previous classes include:

Mathematical Analysis I, II

Measure Theory I

Complex Analysis I

Probability Theory

Linear Algebra II

Modern Algebra

Abstract Algebra I, II

Numerical Analysis I, II

Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra

Partial Differential Equations

Quillen K-Theory & Beyond

Current classes:

Excellent Local Rings

College Teaching

Advisor: Professor Yasuyuki Kachi

Mathematical Interests: Professor Kachi and I are currently working on a paper on algorithmic methods for Bernoulli numbers, the Hurwitz zeta function, and multi-zeta values. Broadly, Professor Kachi’s focus is analytic number theory and algebraic geometry.

Last updated: January 2020