Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas
1460 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7567

Lucian Grand

I'm in the black shirt on the right

Graduate Teaching Assistant in Mathematics
Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, 2012 Haverford College

Office: 451 Snow Hall
Phone: (785) TBD
E-mail: lgrand AT ku DOT edu
Office hours:
 My office is Snow 451. I will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-12, or by appointment. 

Course web pages:
Math 125
    •    MATH 125 covers limits, derivatives, applications of differentiation, the integral and basic applications of the integral, and uses exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.
Math 126
    •    MATH 126 covers integration techniques, applications of integration, Taylor series, complex numbers, and other topics.

Help Room Hours: 
The help room for Math 126 is located in Snow 651; it is open from 10-5 M-F. My hours are TBD.

Previous classes:
Mathematical Analysis I,II
Linear Algebra II
Modern Algebra
Probability Theory
Complex Analysis I

Current classes:
Numerical Analysis
Real Analysis: Measure Theory I
Partial Differential Equations
Quillen K-Theory & Beyond

Mathematical Interests: 
I earned a bachelor's degree from Haverford College in 2012. My mathematical interests include complex analysis, number theory, and geometry. I also love puzzles and problem-solving!

Last updated: August 2017