Good coffee is one of my passions, and nothing gets in the way of my "Café".

As every Puertorriqueño knows the best coffee of the world is grown in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately consumption in Puerto Rico is high and production is not enough so the rest of the world remains largely unexposed to the delight of Puertorrican coffee.  Beans are only part of the secret to good coffee and proper drying and roasting is the most important part of an excellent coffee. Until recently you could only buy Puertorrican coffee pre-ground in 1 lb. bags or 10 to 12 oz. cans, however various of the major producers are now selling whole bean coffee.

These are a few sources of Puerto Rican Coffee (all have online ordering, with prompt shipping!). Cafe Rico and Yaucono have been major coffee producers in Puerto Rico. Other major brands do not have a web presence including my favorite Puertorrican coffee Cafe Crema.

Cafe Rico 

One of the most popular brands, Cafe Rico started production as Co-op operation in the 1930's.

Although a fairly recent brand name,Yauco Selecto is among the best.

One of the island's oldest, in production since 1896.

Though not a coffee producer Green Island Co. Sells a large variety of Puertorrican coffees including

Alto Grande ,
and various other premium coffees as well as popular brands like Rioja, Rico, Crema, Yaucono.

If you are looking for an espresso maker Whole Latte Love is a supplier of various coffee machines at very competitive prices. They delivered my Saeco Magic Deluxe in 3 days during the Christams rush!

Thanks to Andrew Wulff and Phil Neuhoff for introducing me to Peet's Coffee. Although they do not carry Puertorrican coffees, they have a nice selection of freshly roasted coffees.

The following are suppliers of Puertorrican goods, including Puertorrican Coffee