Marc L. Greenberg

Prof. of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Marc L. Greenberg, photo by Tatiana Olskaia


MA in Slavic languages and literatures, University of Chicago, 1984 • PhD in Slavic languages and literatures (specializing in Slavic linguistics) at UCLA, 1990 (diss. advisors: Professors Henrik Birnbaum and Alan Timberlake).

Position, duties

Professor of Slavic Languages, teaching Slavic linguistics at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Kansas. Served as Chairman of the Slavic Department (2000–2012); Acting Associate Dean for Humanities (sabbatical replacement, Spring 2012); now serving as Chairman of the German Department (2012–).

Courses regularly taught

Introduction to Slavic Languages and Linguistics, History of Russian, Old Church Slavic, Comparative Slavic Linguistics, Language and Identity in East-Central Europe and Russia.

Current projects

Critical edition of Avgust Pavel's Vend nyelvtan (with Marija Bajzek, Budapest, and Marko Jesenšek, Maribor) • Dictionary of the dialect of Srednje Jarše


Proficient: Croatian (Bosnian, Serbian), Czech, Russian, Slovene • Reading, some speaking: Albanian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Yiddish; other Slavic languages


Lute and classical guitar. Occasional participation in the KU Instrumental Collegium Musicum and the Downtown Mandolin Orchestra (which includes guitars). My six-string classical guitar was built by Brian Cohen. In recent years I have been learning the Russian seven-string guitar, which is tuned in G major, on an early 20th-century (pre-Revolutionary) instrument provided by my friend Dr. Oleg Timofeyev and a new guitar built by Moscow luthier Vladimir Azhikulov. In May-June 2007 I attended the International Annual Russian Guitar Seminar (IARGUS), run by Dr. Timofeyev. Click here for some pictures of the event. In June 2009 I played in northern Germany with Andreas van Zoest, the Carl Maria von Weber Guitar Orchestra, and members of the Lawrence Guitar Quartet.

I have also dabbled in genealogy. You can visit my ancestors from Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine.

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