Michael M. T. Henderson


A.B., Middlebury College, 1963 (music)

M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1965 (TEFL)

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1972 (linguistics). Dissertation: Dari (Kabul Persian) Phonology


Teacher of American history, Spanish, and German, Maret School, (Washington, DC) summers 1960-62

Instructor, Summer Program in English for International Students, University of Pittsburgh, summer 1965

Executive Director, Kabul English Language Center, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1965-68

Lecturer, English for international students, St. Louis, 1968-69

Assistant Professor and Director, Special Courses Division, Department of English, Tripoli, Libya, 1972-73

Assistant Editor, Dictionary of American Regional English, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1973-75

Director, Applied English Center and Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Kansas, 1975-79

Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Kansas, 1979-2000

Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas, 1984-87, 1997-2000

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, University of Kansas, 2000-


Some ‘Indic’ features in Pashto. Wisconsin Papers in Linguistics 1.1 (1970)

Use of an Interactive Program in Analyzing Data for a Dialect Dictionary. Computers and the Humanities 9.3 (1975)

Diglossia in Kabul Persian Phonology. Journal of the American Oriental Society 95 (1975)

Redundancy, markedness, and simultaneous constraints in phonology. Language 52.2 (1976)

Modern Persian Verb Morphology. Journal of the American Oriental Society 98.4 (1978)

Stylistic Variation and Underlying Structure. Journal of Linguistics 14 (1978)

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Four Varieties of Pashto. Journal of the American Oriental Society 103.3 (1983)

The Interlanguage Notion. Journal of Modern Language Learning 21 (1985)

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Kabul Persian Verb Stems Revisited. Journal of the American Oriental Society 107 (1987)

Native speakers' judgments of irritation with Spanish speakers' English Interlanguage (with John S. Chappel). Journal of Second Language Studies 34 (1996)


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