Alison Olcott Marshall

Assistant Professor of  Paleobiogeochemistry


Welcome to the lab!

In the Paleobiogeochemistry lab at the University of Kansas, we apply organic geochemical and geological methods to a variety of problems in an attempt to explore Earth’s past and present.

Paleobiogeochemical research in my lab is an attempt to combine organic geochemical techniques, such as characterizing the extractable biomarkers in a rock or the recalcitrant biopolymers in a microfossil, with careful geological observations.  After all, what use is a preserved hopane if you don’t know how old the rock is, in what environment it was originally deposited, or if it has experienced any post-depositional alteration?

There are several on-going projects in the lab, and I am always interested in new ones.  Plus, I am always in the market to add good students, in either the Masters or PhD program, as well as postdocs, so feel free to look around the site and then contact me if anything intrigues you.

Alison Olcott Marshall

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