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Office: Snow 553

Office Hours: Monday 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm or by appointment

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Fall 2019


Semester Class
Fall 2019MATH 125: Calculus I
Spring 2019PHSX 216: General Physics I Lab
Fall 2018PHSX 216: General Physics I Lab
Spring 2018PHSX 216: General Physics I Lab
Fall 2017AE 345: Fluid Mechanics


Something something something, math ... but applied (i.e. engineering). This page will be updated over the semester to look promises.


Past Projects

This section is being updated.


Ground Effect Vortex on Quadcopter

Real Time Quadcopter Image-based Controller

ICARUS StarCraft Demo

ICARUS is a cognitive agent architecture which has been used in several problem environments like Minecraft. ICARUS will recieve perceptions from "sensors" in the environment, logically deduce beliefs from a priori belief templates, and then act on the environment to achieve a goal. Hence, there is a continuous percieve, reason, and then act cycle for the agent until the given goals are met. Complex goals can be achieve by executing complex actions which are built from elementary actions. Reasoning about next actions is done using a global problem solver (GPS) method which selections actions based on the action outcomes towards achieving the goal in a depth-based search. If an action cannot be preformed because the prerequisite for executing a specific actions, then a recursive call to the GPS is made to solve the prerequisite problems.

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January 17, 2020