The house is 1) 400 cubic yards of concrete 2) 10 tons of rebar 3) about 1.25 million pounds 4) under about 4 feet of dirt, 6” of styrofoam, and a roof of rubber 5) about 2600 feet of living space with 13 foot domed ceilings 6) more well-lit than most above ground houses and much more quiet.
The house maintains an even temperature in winter and spring.  For example, during a recent -15 deg (F) cold snap for a few days this winter, the “resting” temp inside the house (overnight temp with no heat source) was 66 deg (F)!  In the summer, it was never hotter than 75 deg (F) in the main bedroom.  And we have no A/C.  We heat with a wood stove.
Want one?  
The House
An early plan
And an early visual
Finished product
Looking north
From the west
Driving up
And entrance
In profile
Entry and living room
Entrance (reverse)
Entry windows
Bar and the “schmoo”
Living room 2
Down the hall
Shower room
This is indoors?
More shower room
Guest room (relax)
Guest room (welcome!)
Guest bath (Thanks IKEA)
Art nooks
Family treasure
His and hers
Bedroom sitting area
Bed from sitting area
Left to the bath
Sitting area
Hi Totoro!
BIG BIG closet (Thanks IKEA)
His and hers
The bath
All hers
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