Dreams of the Golden Mountain  (Chinese)
Photography by Pok Chi Lau
Pok Chi Lau Photograhpy

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This is a book about Asian Americans, about our ancestors' blood, sweat and tears, about leaving their beloved homeland and families to come to a land that was not exactly hospitable. Most of them managed to make a meager living in the old days and sent money home. My generation has it much easier. As we transform from one race and one country into others, and as we look more and more alike and yet different, we need to acknowledge our fore parents' efforts in redefining our paths.

This book is about them, you and our children of all colors, genders and sexual orientation.


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Dreams of the Golden Mountain (in Chinese)
Dreams of the Golden Mountain      
Rêves de la Montagne d'Or      
ISBN 962-7723-39-8
Text & photography by Pok Chi Lau
First published 2002
PACE Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong
Lalaverie, Paris
Dimensions: 244pages, 153 duotone photographs, 12.5"x9.5"(315mmx240mm), hardbound cover, printed in Hong Kong.
Catagories: Photography, social document, Chinese migration, Asian American studies
Price: USD 65.00


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