Dreams of the Golden Mountain  (Chinese)
Photography by Pok Chi Lau
Pok Chi Lau Photograhpy
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Preface (Excerpt by Suko Lam)
1. Coming to America

2. Leung Ah Sahm leaving home
       - Shamanic rituals in the Justice Hotel
3. Eight-and-a-half pound livelihood
4. Loyalty from the Guts
5. Wonton soup in the Golden Mountain
6. A livable home
7. Spring returns to the great land
8. Wash head   Cut hair   Mow lawn
9. No reliance   Mutual dependence   Aprameya-Buddha
       - The violinist at the Mandarin Hotel
10. To be husband and wife is predestined by karma
       - The big palm-leaf fan
       - The journey of marriage
       - Does dad love mum? Does mum love dad?
11. How many couples sleep under the same canopy?
12. Similiar in nature, different in customs
13. Hustle and bustle blur our genuine bliss in life
14. The rainbow coalition
Historical timeline
Biography of Pok Chi Lau


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