Dreams of the Golden Mountain  (Chinese)
Photography by Pok Chi Lau
Pok Chi Lau Photograhpy

China 1980-2
China 1984-5
China 1994
Hong Kong 1997
New Americans
China in Colors

In my professional work I have focused on the contemporary cultural and social transformations brought about by human migration. Through photography, writing and video, I seek to illuminate the impact of global migration upon the private lives and social environments of the Chinese people, both in the Chinese homeland and in their adopted environs. To understand the Chinese Diaspora is to acknowledge the significance of human patterns of global migration as they shape individual experiences and emerging cultures.

My work addresses the issues of cultural identity, Asian American ethnicity, human and cultural diversity and inter-racial relationships. For the last 30 years I have studied and portrayed the effects of the population explosion and the resultant political and economic turmoil, changes in land, culture, race, and the creation of new values and identities. Centered on Chinese-American issues, the work uses photography to challenge the viewer visually to interpret its content. As an immigrant, I am drawn to understanding the forces and portraying the process of Chinese migration to the Americas.

The Cantonese Chinese have nicknamed America "Gum Sahn" or the Golden Mountain. I have covered geographic areas from older Chinatowns in North American to Midwestern small towns, and Chinese settlements on the Mexico-California border. In China, my efforts are concentrated in the south from which most Chinese Americans and their ancestors emigrated. I have captured periods of recent Chinese history that have led to major migratory movements within China and abroad.

By portraying persons in mixed-race relationships and their descendants throughout North America, I hope to encourage viewers to contemplate how history, politics, and fate play a part in our lives. I wish to inspire others to value one another, accept our differences, and embrace diversity in our multicultural world. In doing so, we move closer to understanding complex and evolving dimensions of the human experience.

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