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List of Selected Publications

Recent Publication

On the Non-Existence of Cartesian Linguistics

Was the Vocabularium breve Really Written by Gasparino Barzizza?

Humboldt's Description of the Javanese Verb

Crucial Historiographical Problems

"The New Look" in the History of Linguistics (1965)

On the Historical Source of Immediate-Constituent Analysis

A Reconsideration of Whorf's Hypothesis

The Neogrammarian Approach to Syntactic Change

Nineteenth-Century Origins of Twentieth-Century Structuralism

Editing Niccolò Perotti's Rudimenta grammatices

The Treatise on Letter Writing in Niccolò Perotti's Rudimenta grammatices

The Regule Grammaticales of Guarino Veronese

The Applicability of Kuhn's Paradigms to the History of Linguistics

Niccolò Perotti's Rudimenta grammatices

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