Ruoqian (Lucy) Cheng

Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas

Hi, I am Ruoqian (Lucy) Cheng, a second year graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Kansas. My research interests involve phonetics and psycholinguistics , with empirical approaches to explore how acoustic and perceptional cues influence human sound processing. I also look into the language change happening in China, especially Chinese languages such as Eastern Min (Fuzhou) and Mandarin. I am affliated to the Phonetics and Psycholinguistics Laboratory.

Here is my complete CV .


2017 - Present   M. A. /Ph. D. in Linguistics, University of Kansas, U. S.
2013 - 2017     B. A. in Chinese Language, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2015 - 2016     Exchange Student, University of Manchester, U. K.


Ongoing project :
The merging nasal and lateral onsets in Eastern Min
Acoustic evidence comfirms the existence of the merger of /n/ and /l/ in Eastern Min, compared to standard Mandarin. Eastern Min speakers illustrate different levels of ability to distinguish /n/ from /l/, with factors varying from age, gender and language contact with Mandarin. Further research will seek the perceptual confirmation.

Publication :
Ruoqian Cheng (2017). 福建闽侯方言的疑问句研究 ; (The Interrogative System of Minhou Min). In H. Tao (eds.), 《汉语方言疑问范畴研究》(The Study of Interrogative System of Chinese Dialects). Zhongxi Book Company, Shanghai, China.

Professional Experience

2017 - Present G. T. A., Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas
Kansas LING 110: Language and Mind
2016 - 2017 R. A. , Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University
Shanghai Assisting Prof. Huan Tao by translation and word-list revision for a sociolinguistic study of Shanghainese.


Eastern Min

I am a member of "榕腔Vernacular of Fuzhou". We are launching projects to revitalize Fuzhou, a variety of Eastern Min. We also hope to provide diverse materials for linguists interested in Eastern Min.


I keep photography as a personal interest. Capturing memorable moments in daily life leads me to value and appreciate every single day. I enjoy illustrating different themes in a natural yet motional way.