Shuxiao Gong (Donald)








About me

I am a PhD student in Linguistics at University of Kansas.

My research interests fall within the areas of phonology and phonetics, and in particular the questions related to:

  • models of speaker’s phonological/phonetic knowledge
  • factors that shape phonological typology

I address these questions by looking at the phonotactics in Chinese languages.

Here is my CV.


Gong, S. & Zhang, J. (2019, May). The Gradient Acceptability in Mandarin Nonword Judgment. Conference presentation at the 27th Annual Meeting of International Association of Chinese Linguistics. Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kobe, Japan.

Gong, S. (2018, June). Grammaticality and Lexical Statistics in Mandarin Phonotactics. Conference presentation at LabPhon 16 satellite workshop. University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.

Gong, S. (2018). Grammaticality and lexical statistics in Chinese unnatural phonotactics. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 30.

Gong, S. (2016, December). OCP and the naturalness of phonotactic constraints in Chinese languages. Conference presentation at the 7th International Conference on Formal Linguistics. Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

Gong, S. (2016, July). OCP effects on syllable gaps in Chinese languages. Conference presentation at the 24th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics. Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China.


Drill Instructor for CHIN104 Elementary Chinese (Fall 2019 - present)

Instructor for ANTH/LING106 Introductory Linguistics (Summer 2019)

Teaching Assistant for ANTH/LING106 Introductory Linguistics (Fall 2017 - Spring 2019)


I wish to become a theoretical linguist phonologist.

Besides academia,

I listen to Salyu, the Japanese singer.

I collect and analyze meteorological data from GFS and ECMWF, and write critical weather event reviews to Chinese Meteorological Enthusiasts, an emerging online self-media followed by 7 million audiences.

I work as a translator and proofreader to facilitate communication among psychiatrists at University of Oxford, The Second Xiangya Hospital, and Beijing Anding Hospital. I enjoy reading psychiatry.

I also read history and geography.

I travel extensively these years. I lived in Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Sydney, and London. I now settle down in Lawrence, KS, USA.




Shuxiao Gong
1541 Lilac Lane
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