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Şefika Kuzgun

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
University of Kansas, Department of Mathematics
E-mail: sefika.kuzgun@ku.edu


I am a PhD student at the University of Kansas, Department of Mathematics. My research interests lie on Probability&Analysis. I use Stochastic Analysis and techniques from Malliavin Calculus to obtain results in the context of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations.

My advisor is Professor David Nualart. Here is my curriculum vitae.

Graduate Student Probability Seminar

Ray Zhang and I are organizing Graduate Student Probability Seminar. For the list of the talks, see Graduate Student Probability Seminar .


  1. S. Kuzgun and D. Nualart (2021): Convergence of Densities of Sptatial Avergaes of Stochastic Heat Equation. Submitted. Pdf
  2. S. Kuzgun and D. Nualart (2020): Feynman-Kac formula for iterated derivatives of the parabolic Anderson model. Submitted. Pdf
  3. S. Kuzgun and D. Nualart (2019): Rate of Convergence in the Breuer-Major Theorem via Chaos Expansions. Stochastic Analysis and Applications. Pdf

Scientific Agenda


I don't teach during 2021/2022 academic year because I am supported as Graduate Research Assistant.

Both in 2020 and 2021 academic years, I was among the finalists for the Florence Black Award for Excellence in Teaching at University of Kansas.

I solved couple of examples for Calculus I Gateway Exam, you can watch them via this link.


Service and Outreach

This summer, Feride Ceren Köse, Oğuz Şavk and I are organizing Directed Reading Program Turkey where young researchers all around the world are coupled with undergraduate students studying mathematics at universities in Turkey to work together on a selected book or article.

I am the past president of Association for Women in Mathematics KU Student Chapter (2020-2021) and the past vice president of Math Graduate Student Organisation (2019-2020).

Since 2019, I am a volunteer for the Math Awareness Month activities in April, where local fifth graders spend the day with graduate students playing some math related games.

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