Crafton-Preyer Theatre


Technical information


Updated 5/13


Seats:                      1135 (574 Orchestra, 145 Mezzanine,

                                           416 Balcony)

Loading Dock:          Loads into Scene Shop

          Dock:              3’3” H x 9’ W

          Dock Door:     8’1” H x 8’1” W

            Door to Inge:   6’5” H x 8’1” W

          Door to CPT:  19’6” H x 20’1” W

Proscenium:              25’ H x 40’ W

Grid:                          55’ H (grid ends 30’SL of CL)

Wingspace:               SL-19’ SR-14’ past Prosc. Opening.

US wall:                    54’ from PL

Edge of stage:          14’6” DS of PL

SM Console :            DSR

Single purchase fly system operated SR

Main curtain is manually operated, can travel and guillotine

Max. Batten height:  50’ (29’ for the Bridge, 39’ for other electrics)

Revolve:  42’ diameter, centered under Lineset #31, controlled DSR

Hydraulic orchestra lift (no remote control) will seek to:

Stage, House, Orchestra Pit and Basement level

Piano: Schaffer & Sons baby grand

Intercom: 4 channel Clearcom system.  2 chan. beltpacks with 6 pin connectors

          Paging to Greenroom and Dressing rooms

          Show sound to Greenroom and Dressing rooms

Dressing Rooms/Greenroom and Costume Shop:

            Located 1 floor below stage level

            2 Chorus dressing rooms off of Greenroom, each seats 12 at a time.  Each has

            showers, lockers and built in costume hanging space.  There are no individual

            dressing rooms.

Personnel Lifts:

          1-AWP30 with straddle kit

          1-PLC 24


Contact Info:

            Technical Director        785.864.3944

            Stage Manager            785.864.2698

            Shop Supervisor          785.864.3188

            Costume Shop             785.864.3494

            Cutter/Draper               785.864.3833

            Box Office                    785.864.3982

            Production Office         785.864.3381

Scene Shop:

            Loading dock enters scene shop

            Approx. 24’x24’ clear space

            Fully equipped scene shop for carpentry and metalwork

            Connects to both CPT and Inge theatres


            Fully equipped prop shop with power tools

            Stocked with more…stuff than you can possibly imagine

Costume Shop:

            Fully equipped costume shop off of Greenroom/Dressing Rooms

                        Sewing machines and sergers

                        Industrial irons & boards

                        Laundry facilities

                                    2 washers, 2 dryers, sink

                        Dye vat


                        Costume racks (portable)

                        General sewing supplies and notions

                        Makeup/wig area with sink and wig dryer    

Soft Goods:

Type              Description                    # in Stock                                      Width             Height

Legs*               22oz Encore Black Velour        8*                                10’                   26’

Legs*               22oz Encore Black Velour      20*                                20’                   26’

Border             22oz Encore Black Velour        3*                                 55’                  12’

Legs *              24oz Black Velour                    4*                                12'                   26'

Legs*               24oz Black Velour                    4*                                25'                   26'

Border             24oz Black Velour                    5                                  45'                     9'

RP Screen        Grey                                        3                                  10’                   15’

RP Screen        White                                       1                                  45’                   26’

RP Screen        Blue                                         1                                  45’                   25’

Scrim               Black Sharkstooth                    1                                  45’                   26’

Scrim               Black Sharkstooth                    1                                  22‘                   15’

Scrim               White Sharkstooth                   1                                  55'                   26'

Scrim               White Sharkstooth                   1                                  45’                   26’

Scrim               White Sharkstooth                   1                                  38’                   30’

Bounce            White Muslin                            1                                  45’                   26’


*Many of these curtains are semi-permanently hung as stock masking.  See the drafting section.



Le Maitre:

            G150 Fogger

            ShowFogger Pro

            Neutron XS Hazer

            LSX Chiller

            DMX interface for G150 & Neutron XS


            1-3 Circuit/2 Channel  controller

            3-Puff pots

            1-Slow sparkle

            1-Fast sparkle


UT Platform Information

We have SECOA Stage 100 platforms available for use as seating risers in both the Inge Theatre, and as audience seating when using the CPT in the Stage Too! configuration.

Stage Too! Platforms

Size        # Available

4'x8’                    48

Legs        Sets (of 4) available

48"                            16

32"                            16

16"                            16

Railings (41.5" Height)    # Available

8' Long                                                12

4' Long                                                18

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CPT Lineset Listing2013.xlsx
CPT SM Console.doc
Intercom System.doc
FOH Stock Plot 2013.pdf