Yunfeng Jiang

Associate Professor

Office: 625 Snow Hall


Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas
405 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045



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Research Interests

Algebraic Geometry, currently working on Gromov-Witten Theory and Donaldson-Thomas Theory

My Research

My preprints on (Front for Math Arxiv) (Math Arxiv)

Research Publications

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Current Teaching

Spring 2018 Math 146: Honor Calculus II

Spring 2018 Math 290: Linear Algebra

Past Teaching at KU

Fall 2017: Math 146: Honor Calculus II;

Fall 2016: Math 146: Honor Calculus II;

Fall 2015:
Math 223: Vector Calculus; Math 996: Toric Varieties

Spring 2015: Math 223: Vector Calculus;

Fall 2014: Math 223: Vector Calculus; Math 910: Algebraic Curves

Spring 2014: Math 243: Vector Calculus; Math 831: Commutative Algebra(closed)

Fall 2013: Math558 Section 2, Math558(closed)

Past Teaching at Utah

Spring 2010: Math1210-001, Math1210-006 (closed)

Fall 2009: Math4200-001 (closed)

Spring 2009: Math1090-003(closed)

Fall 2008: Math5310 (closed), Math1220-Section-3 (closed)

Spring 2008: Math1220-001 (closed)

Fall 2007: Math1220-002 (closed)


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