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Department of Mathematics

Geometry Seminar, University of Kansas

Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m., 408 Snow Hall
(Titles and abstracts are below the schedule.)





August 30
Yuanqi Wang

September 6

September 13

September 20

September 27 TBA

October 4
Yuanqi Wang (Note on Friday)

October 11
Shizhang Li (Columbia University)

October 18
Yunfeng Jiang

October 25
Promit Kundu

November 1
Yunfeng Jiang

November 8
Promit Kundu

Titles and Abstracts

August 30

Speaker: Yuanqi Wang

Title : Examples of Semi-stable sheaves on projective varieties.


Oct. 11

Speaker: Shizhang Li

Title : Rigid varieites with projective reduction.

Abstract: Bosch, Lutkebohmert and Raynaud laid down the foundations relating formal and rigid geometry. The type of questions they treat are mostly concerned with going from the rigid side to formal side. In the past, I considered the opposite type of question, namely to what extent properties on the formal side inform us about rigid geometry. More precisely, we will see what geometric consequences one can deduce under the assumption that the rigid space has a projective reduction. In this talk, I shall first say some background of rigid geometry and Ray- naud’s theory of formal models along with some examples. Then I will state the main theorem and a corollary. If time permitted, I will say something about the proof..

Oct 18

Speaker: Yunfeng Jiang

Title : MacPherson index theorem and Donaldson-Thomas invariants.

Abstract: .

Oct 25

Speaker: Promit Kundu

Title : Bogomolov inequality for projective surfaces.

Abstract: .

Nov 1

Speaker: Yunfeng Jiang

Title : Vafa-Witten invariants for surface Deligne-Mumford stacks I.

Abstract: .

Nov 8

Speaker: Promit Kundu

Title : Vafa-Witten invariants for surface Deligne-Mumford stacks II: Calculations.

Abstract: .