Curriculum Vitae


More Publications

(2017). Modeling students’ problem solving performance in the computer-based mathematics learning environment. International Journal of Information and Learning Technology.

(2016). A virtual reality intervention (Second Life) to improve weight maintenance: Rationale and design for an 18-month randomized trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 46, 77-84.

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I am teaching and have taught the following courses at the University of Kansas:

  • Educational Technology in Elementary/Middle Education (Face-to-face)
  • Educational Technology in Middle/Secondary Education (Face-to-face)
  • Instructional Media Development (Face-to-face, Online)
  • Multimedia Learning (Face-to-face)
  • Constructivist Learning Technology (Face-to-face, Online)
  • Computational Thinking (Face-to-face)
  • Introduction to Learning Analytics & Data Science (Face-to-face)
  • Interactive Courseware Development (Face-to-face)