University LGBT/Queer Programs

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual
& Queer
Studies in the USA and Canada

Sibling Societies & Study-Abroad Programs

inaugural date: 7 August 1997; last update: 3 June 2022

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This resource was established to expand upon the original list of academic LGBTQ programs (1995, see immediately below). While there are, of course, many worthwhile resources for the LGBTQI+ community, this list's original purpose has remained constant and narrowly focused, purposefully so: to chart the growing number of academic programs in the US and Canada that serve the LGBTQI+ community.

This list cannot accommodate requests to include resources that are not focused on university/college LGBTQI+ academic programs.

The following information is based on:

My procedure has been to search for the word "lesbian" in homepage searches, to look for LGBT groups under "Student Organizations", and to scan for courses in, and cross-listed by, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, and Multicultural Programs, and in/by Sociology, Anthropology, and English departments.

These lists are not exhaustive; they include only information that I have received, not necessarily confirmed.

Relevant Links

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online LGBTQ Friendly Colleges & Student Resources has separate pages on various "Resources for LGBTQ Students".

Gabi Clayton's Resources
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Delta Lambda Phi, National Social Fraternity on college campuses for Gay, Bisexual and Progressive Men
Chico Masak's Gender-Related Education & Action Team (resources outside North America)
C. Michael Phillips' "LGBT Studies Web Resources", the website on sexual history to which anyone with data, documents, and citations can contribute. Jonathan Ned Katz, Director.
Planning a LGBTQ curriculum at your university or college?
Documents pertaining to the establishment of the Program in the Study of Sexualities at Duke University are now on-line:
The original proposal (1995) for the Program
The 2001 description of the Program
JGY's syllabus for the prerequisite course, "Perspectives in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies"

JGY's study of LGBTQ academics, 1998 ("Education and Scholarship." In: St. James Press: Gay & Lesbian Almanac, edited by Neil Schlager, 205-30. St. James Press, Detroit and New York 1998.), is now on-line: text and bibliography
Lists of Women's Studies Programs
Joan Korenman's Women's Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers, a listing of over 900 Women's and Gender Studies Programs
Gerri Gribi's list of Women's Studies programs in the U.S.
Kate Robinson's links to Women's Studies programs in the United States
NWSA's A National Census of Women's and Gender Studies Programs in the U.S. Institutions of Higher Education (Dec 26, 2007)
Same-Sex Spousal Equivalency Benefits (Domestic Partnership Benefits)
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, list of universities with SSSEs
Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples, list of universities with SSSEs
Scott's List of universities with SSSEs
Guidelines for Establishing SSSEs
U. California's report (5 Nov. 1998) on the cost of establishing SSSEs: the cost was unexpectedly low; the health plan added only $1M to the University's annual bill of $442M
Duke University's policies and guidelines for same-sex spousal-equivalency benefits for faculty, staff, and graduate students
"Sexual Orientation" in University Non-Discrimination Clauses
Human Rights Campaign's "Colleges & Universities With Non-Discrimination Policies That Include Sexual Orientation"
Financial Aid & Scholarships
MoneyGeek has a fairly comprehensive website for "LGBTQ+" students considering where to go to college (e.g., safe spaces, study abroad, scholarships, and other resources and things to think about).
The Minnesota GLBT Educational Fund list of GLBT Scholarships. The list currently includes over 120 scholarship programs, with scholarships for the US, Canada, and 38 states within the US.
The Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund
The LAMBDA Foundation for Excellence. LAMBDA grants awards designed to promote Canadian national recognition of individuals or groups who build bridges of understanding between lesbians & gays, other equality seeking groups, and Canadian society. LAMBDA also endows scholarships in gay and lesbian studies (previous scholarship programs have been established at Carleton University, University of New Brunswick, University of Ottawa, and University of Manitoba.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

  • LGBTQ/Sexuality/Sexualities undergraduate majors, minors, certificates, concentrations?
    Majors are offered by Wesleyan (2003), U. Chicago, Brown, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, York University (Sexuality Studies, 2009), University of Toronto, Miami University (Ohio, 2010), Ohio State (2011), San Diego State (2012), Otterbein (2012), Arizona State (2017 online),Arizona State West (2016), University of Puget Sound (Fall 2020), Rhode Island College (2022).

    Minors are offered by Ohio State, San Francisco State, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA?, UC Riverside, Towson (proposal, Nov. 96, still on-line), Cornell, SUNY, Purchase, Allegheny, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, George Mason?, Concordia University (Canada), Western Washington University, Bowdoin College, Humboldt State University (Aug 2004), University of Minnesota (fall 2004), Kent State University (fall 2001), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (2004), University of North Texas (2004), University of Delaware (Fall 2006), Hofstra (2006), Nebraska-Lincoln (2006), Syracuse (2006), McGill (2006, but apparently no longer in 2018), University California at Santa Barbara (2006), Northern Illinois University (both undergraduate and graduate certificates), University of Kansas (2008), University of Houston (2008), York University (Sexuality Studies, 2004), UC-Davis (2009, Sexuality Studies), University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, DePaul (2007?), University of New Hampshire, Carleton University (Ottawa), University of Michigan, Colgate University (2009), University of Oregon (2009?), Bridgewater State College (2009), Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (Fall 2009), Brooklyn College (approved 2008, inaugurated Fa 2009), Washington State (approved 2009), Miami University (Ohio, 2010), University of Vermont (2006), University of Louisville (2010), Brandeis (2011), Metropolitan State College of Denver (2012; 2 minors), Sonoma State College (California, 2010), Sarah Lawrence (2000??), San Diego State (2005?), Otterbein (2012), American University (by 2015), Appalachian State (before 2015), Kansas State University (2013), University of Puget Sound (2018)

    Certificates or Concentrations are offered by Arizona State U., U. Iowa, Yale, Brandeis?, Denison U., Duke, U. Wisconsin-Madison (2003), U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, U. of Maryland, U. of Colorado at Boulder, York University (Sexuality Studies, 2004)

    Associate of Arts in LGBTQ Studies are offered at two-year colleges: Sierra College (Rocklin CA)

  • LGBTQ graduate programs?
    PhD programs in Women's Studies, Feminist Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and the like will all support PhD dissertations in LGBTQ areas. See the guide to PhD programs posted by the National Women Studies Association.

    Graduate certificates are offered by the following: University of Michigan, University of Washington, Northern Illinois University, Ohio State, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Miami University (Ohio, 2010), San Diego State (in preparation as of 2012), American University (by 2015)

    San Francisco State University now (2005) offers a M.A. in Human Sexuality Studies. Yale offers a graduate qualification in the field of Lesbian and Gay Studies. University of Toronto offers a graduate concentration in partnership with MA and PhD programs in other disciplines.

    Indiana University (PhD in Gender Studies since 2006), University of Kansas (PhD in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies since 2011)

    APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs at the California School of Professional Psychology, a division of Alliant International University, has numerous faculty supervising doctoral dissertations in the area of LGBTQ Studies. A "graduate interdisciplinary specialization" is offered by Ohio State.

    There are coordinated programs: U. Chicago; U. Washington (graduate certificate program in Lesbian Studies). Empire State University (NY) offers various LGBTQ concentrations in their MALS program. Most LGBTQ graduate work is done through allied departments offering courses and the opportunities to produce theses and dissertations in the LGBTQ-aspect of the primary discipline (e.g., "Lesbian Novels of the Early 20th Century" in an English department); see, for instance, the description for Tufts & Brown.

    Widener University offers a Hybrid Master of Education, Human Sexuality Studies.

    There are at least two MA programs in the United Kingdom: "Gender, Sexuality, and Culture" (first offered Sept 2003) through Women's Studies at the University of Manchester ( This program will consist of two courses over a year, plus a thesis. And the University of Leeds offers a MA in Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Theory

    The Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, offers a MA in Gender Studies and a PhD in Comparative Gender Studies (in place 2006). Since CEU is accredited by the State of New York (SUNY), American students can receive US credit.

  • How do I get a PhD in LGBTQ Studies?
    See various programs, above

    Aside from the Aliant International University (San Francisco; see above), there is no graduate program in the US devoted exclusively to LGBTQ Studies.

    So, as with every other topic, you need to focus on a specific theme and apply to a relevant program; in other words, you will be getting a PhD in some department with your thesis on a gay issue (e.g., 20th c. history of Gay Studies [History], Lesbians in other cultures [Anthropology], the social stratification of Lesbians in America [Sociology], Greek homosexuality [Classics], gays in the Bible [Religious Studies], how Lesbians spend money [Economics], Lesbians in American politics [Political Science], etc.).

    Before applying to a graduate school in these areas, talk to the graduate advisor to see if there is a faculty member willing & capable of advising you in your subject.

    Table of Contents

    I. Academic Programs and Opportunities for LGB Study in the US & Canada
    II. Research & Resource Institutions and Organizations
    III. Study-Abroad Programs
    IV. "Sibling Societies" and Publications

    Canada comes first in each section; within the USA, listings of universities or research facility are by STATE and then alphabetically by university or facility.

    Section I. Academic Programs and Opportunities
    LGBT Study in the US & Canada

    Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
    Sociology 3803 Lesbian and Gay Studies (Jeanette A. Auger, Jan. 2004)

    Careleton University, Ottawa (added Jan 2010)
    Interdisciplinary Studies offers a minor in Sexuality Studies

    Concordia University, Montréal, Québec
    Concordia offers an Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality program with a minor in Sexuality Studies (, consisting of up to 9 courses.
    Courses available include (but are not limited to): FASS 391 / INTE 391 (3) Issues in Sexuality Research
    FASS 392 / INTE 392 (3) Introduction to Queer Theory
    SOCI 375 / ANTH 375 (3) Social Construction of Sexuality
    FMST 392 (3) Queer Cinema
    INTE 390 / FFAR 390 (6) HIV/AIDS: Cultural, Social and Scientific Aspects of the Pandemic
    AHSC 253 (3) Sexuality and Human Relations
    ENGL 445 (3) Gender and Sexuality: Contemporary Literature and Theory
    FMST 391 (3) Sexual Representation in Cinema
    RELI 380 (3) Sexuality in the History of Religions
    WSDB 398P (3) WomenĽs Issues & Realities: Lesbian and Bisexual Issues and Perspectives
    Concordia Queer Collective
    Lesbian Studies Coalition

    Laurentian University, Sudbury Ontario
    WST: "Lesbians: texts and contexts," "Female Sexualities" (both taught by Susanne Luhmann, 2004)
    SOC: "Sex Roles and Sexuality," "The Social Construction of Sexuality" (both taught by Gary Kinsman, 2004)
    PHL: "The Philosophy of Sexuality" (taught by Real Fillion)

    McGill University, Montréal, Québec
    McGill used to offer (2006) an undergraduate Sexual Diversity Studies Minor, but this apparently is no longer being offered in 2018. Instead, The Office of Social Equity and Diversity Education supports a Subcommittee on Queer People and a Lavender Graduation.

    University of British Columbia, Vancouver (added 2010)
    Critical Studies in Sexuality offers a minor.

    University of Montréal, Montréal, Québec
    English: five lesbian and gay studies specialists
    Comparative Literature: Homosexualité et identité culturelle; Ecrire la difference en sexualité
    Dr. Robert K. Martin ( and assistant George Piggford

    Université de Québec

    Département de sexologie

    University of Saskatchewan
    Resources & Services
    University Libraries, in conjunction with those of the Saskatchewan Archives Board and the University of Saskatchewan Archives [housed in the same building], probably contain the second strongest collection in Canada [after the National Gay Archives in Toronto]. The Saskatchewan Archives Board, Saskatoon office (SAB) has a number of important gay and lesbian collections: the Richards collection donated by Neil Richards of Saskatoon, occupies over 14 linear meters and was assembled over the past 20 years. According to the SAB Personal Papers Archivist, Nadine Small, the scope and depth of the collection permit the detailed study of Canadian gay and lesbian life and issues since the 1960s. Other collections include: the Doug Wilson papers, the record of a high profile Canadian gay rights activist; the Peter Millard papers detail the various involvements in the struggle for gay rights of this U. of S. emeritus professor of English and former chair of the U. of S. Faculty Assoc.; the Don McNamee papers are those of a former U. of S. professor of art and human right activist; and the papers of the Coalition for Human Equality, of which McNamee was a prominent member.
    Donna Canevari de Paredes
    Collections Librarian for Women's and Gender Studies
    University of Saskatchewan Libraries
    Saskatoon, Sask. S7N 5A4
    (306) 966-5979
    Nadine Small
    Saskatchewan Archives Board
    (306) 933-8321
    Cheryl Avery, U. of S. Archivist
    (306) 966-6028.

    University of Toronto, Toronto
    The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies offers a major, minor, and a graduate concentration in partnership with a wide variety of other disciplines.

    University of Windsor
    The M.A. program in Sociology and the Ph.D. programs in Sociology, specializing in Social Justice, and in Psychology have good resources for doing gay and lesbian studies. The faculty include Barry Adam (gay & lesbian studies, HIV prevention & support), Charlene Senn (psychology of women), Christina Simmons (19th C and early 20th C women's sexuality), Alan Sears (AIDS in the workplace), Eleanor Maticka Tyndale (HIV prevention), and Susan Holbrook (gay & lesbian theory and poetics).
    G&L Studies, offered 1994, 1996, 1998, 2002
    LGBT Studies:
    Barry Adam (The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement):

    York University, Toronto
    York began offering a minor and certificate in Sexuality Studies in 2004 and added a major in 2009. The Sexuality Studies Program is housed in the School of Women's Studies. The major includes a BA major (three years), an Honors BA major (four years), a Specialized Honors Major (four years), and an International Honors BA major (four years, in bilingual and trilingual tracks).


    University of Alabama, Birmingham
    American Studies: "Intro to Lesbian & Gay Studies" (R. Gladney & J. Howard, 1992)
    The Politics of the Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement

    Arizona State University
    ASU's Online Women and Gender Studies Program. And Effective Fall 2005, the university will offer, through its College of Public Programs, an undergraduate certificate in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies:
    Sociology: "Variant Sexuality", Fred Whitam
    WST: "Readings in Lesbian Literature", Annis Hopkins, 1991

    Arizona State University, West Campus, Glendale
    General Information
    Arizona State University West is in Glendale between Thunderbird Drive and 51st Avenue. The campus has roughly 8000 students, small class sizes, great access to your professors, and easy campus parking (thank you, Eric Swank).
    LGBT major in addition to the LGBT concentration from the ASU downtown campus (see above). The concentration in the Social and Cultural Analysis BA includes eight classes on queer theories, sexual identities, asexuality, sexual health, sexual fluidity, trans studies, heterosexism, critical heterosexualities, race-class-gender divisions in LGB communities, political activism and much more.

    Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
    Women's and Gender Studies offers WST 394, Queer Studies and other courses with LGBTQ content (like WST 191).
    PRISM (People Respecting Individuals and Sexual Minorities; email: is a recently formed (2007) student organization, that is very active (over 200 members, the second largest group on campus). The group has also demonstrated its commitment to ending discrimination on campus, attempting to add "transgender" to the university's non-discrimination clause.

    information added 7 Jan 08

    University of Arizona
    The Committee on LGBT Studies coordinates events and curriculum across the campus.
    Women's Studies offers a LGBT Studies concentration. This website also lists courses and a set of "guideless for graduate study" that allow grad students from many fields to construct the equivalent of a minor/concentration in LGBT Studies
    Resources & Services
    The LGBT Studies Committee (see above for website) sponsors a film series, including a Lesbian film series ("Lesbian Looks") and a Visiting Artists and Scholars series.

    Hendrix University, Conway
    UNITY is the LGB Student Association:

    University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
    Resources & Services
    LGB Student Association (formed 1982): (or:

    University of Central Arkansas, Conway
    PRISM serves the GLBTQQA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied) community of UCA including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. PRISM (Pride, Raising awareness, Involvement, Support, and Mentoring) was formed in 1997 and has steadily grown to be an influential organization in motivating the student body to open themselves up to diversity, especially diverse sexual and gender-related orientations. The alliance also works to promote awareness, tolerance, equality and understanding, and to dispense GLBTQQA-related information campus-wide. In addition, it strives to offer support services for GLBTQQA students.
    For more information about PRISM, click here:


    Alliant International University, San Francisco Bay Area campus
    The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) offers doctoral programs (PhD and PsyD) in clinical psychology accredited by the American Psychological Association
    The programs include an elective emphasis in Gender Studies (including LGBT issues), and several core faculty members actively involved in research and supervising dissertations on LGBT topics.

    For more information:
    Alliant International University-San Francisco Campus
    1 Beach St, Suite 100
    San Francisco, CA 94133-1221
    T: 415-955-2115; F: 415-474-2469
    E: Robert-Jay Green, Associate Director, Clinical Psychology PhD Program:

    California College of the Arts, Oakland & San Francisco
    "We offer an unusual richness of courses directly focused on LGBTQ issues--most of which are clustered in the undergraduate Critical Studies and Visual Studies programs, and some of which are taught in the grad Visual and Critical Studies MA program." There is no major or minor in Critical Studies, however.
    for example (Spring 2009): "Critical Studies offered a lower-division "Transgender Cultural Production" and an upper-division "Making Queer Histories" course, while grad VCS offered "Sex, Gender, and Queer Theory." These courses were keyed to a speaker series co-sponsored by CCA and the Queer Cultural Center, which we called "Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts" or QCCA."
    a large number of self-identified gay & Lesbian faculty
    a successful speakers series

    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Ethnicity & WST (EWS) 407: "Sexual Orientation & Diversity" (Dorothy Wills, 1991/2)
    Resources & Services
    GLBT Faculty/Staff group (since 1992 [?])
    Cal Poly Pomona Pride Center (Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Student Resource Center, founded 1995):
    Jonnie J. Owens, Coordinator:
    Laurie Shrage (

    California State University, Fresno
    Women's Studies 125: Introduction to Lesbian/Gay Studies (offered every third fall semester)
    Women's Studies 161T: Topics in Lesbian/Gay Studies (offered every first and second fall semester). Topics courses so far have included "Lavender Cinema," "Lesbian-Feminist Poetry," and "Gay and Lesbian Novel."
    Prof. Linda Garber:
    Women's Studies Program
    California State University, Fresno
    Fresno, CA 93740-0078
    T: (559) 278-2858

    California State University, Northridge
    Lambda Delta Lambda is working to become CSUN's first Lesbian, Bisexual, Straight, Transgender, Progressive sorority and plans to have member initiation by March 2001. Currently, Lambda Delta Lambda has 16 members - one more than the minimum of 15 needed to be recognized as a club or organization at CSUN.

    California State University, San Bernardino
    Psychology: "Psychology of Gays & Lesbians", Craig Henderson, 1976, one of the earliest courses taught

    California State University, Sonoma
    Women's and Gender Studies Department offers a minor in Queer Studies

    City College of San Francisco, a community college offering Associate degrees
    Department of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexsual, and Transgender Studies, the first such department in the US (1989) is developing (2009) a major

    Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo
    course in Human Sexuality

    Deep Springs College (all male)
    Intro to Gay Studies (Patrick O'Connor, 1995; related in LGSN 23.2, 1996, 5-7)

    Humboldt State University, Arcata
    Humboldt now offers (August 2004) a multi-cultural queer studies minor:

    Institue of Gay and Lesbian Education (founded by Simon LeVay in 1992), West Hollywood
    non-accreditated adult education classes: PHL, Screenwriting, foreign languages, gay psychology and queer studies ("Moral Issues in Gay and Lesbian Life")
    Resources & Services
    lectures and other events
    The Institute of Gay and Lesbian Education (
    626 N. Robertson Blvd
    W. Hollywood, CA 90069

    Loyola University, Los Angeles
    Law School: "Sexual Orientation & the Law" (Jon W. Davidson, 1991)
    Pacific Oaks College, Los Angeles
    Marital and Family Therapy offers a MA in LGBT Family Studies (the program begins in Fall 2010; applications are now [2009] being sought).>

    Pasadena City College, Pasadena
    History 24F: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay American History (Fall 2001; Hugo Schwyzer:, the first such course at the college
    Resources & Services
    The Gay & Lesbian Faculty and Staff Organization (GALSO) recently (2000) began offering a scholarship to a student with a demonstrated commitment to GLBT issues; the first two such scholarships were given in 2000, and there are plans to add more.

    Pitzer College
    Sociology: Sex & Society: LGB Studies (Peter Nardi, 1992)
    WST: Cross-Cultural Lesbian Studies (Lourdes Arguelles, 1990)
    WST: Gender & Sexual Orientation (Lourdes Arguelles, 1992)

    San Diego State University
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies offers a major (beginning Jan 2012) and a minor (fall 2009); a graduate certificate is being developed.

    San Francisco City College (a community college)
    The Gay/Lesbian Studies Department, in cooperation with other departments offers courses and a B.A. in Gay & Lesbian Studies
    G/LSt-Anthro: Anthro of Homosexualities (Mary Redick, 1990)
    G/LSt-ENG: Survey of G&L Literature (Jack Collins, 1972, one of the earliest courses offered)
    G/LSt-Film Production: Evolution of Film Expression-Homosexulaity on Film
    G/LSt-Film Production: Film Expr: Homosex. in Contemp Film (Dan Mangin, 1988)
    G/LSt-HealthSci: Maintaining Sexual Well-Being
    G/LSt-IDIS: Gay Male Relationships (Shimon Attie, 1987)
    G/LSt-IDIS: Issues in Lesbian Relationships (Lindy McKnight, 1987)
    G/LSt-Labor Studies: G& L Issues in the Workplace (1990)
    Gay and Lesbian Studies
    City College of San Francisco
    50 Phelan Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94112

    San Francisco State University
    Programs & Courses
    Human Sexuality Studies Program offers a M.A. in Human Sexuality Studies (2005).
    Summer Institute (22 June-24 July)
    an undergraduate minor in Lesbian & Gay Studies:
    8 courses total, 2 of which are required
    • Required
      HMSX 301 Introduction to Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Studies
      HIST 314 Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual History
    • Other courses available
      ANTH 569 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex and Gender
      BIOL 330 Human Sexuality
      COUN/HMSX 326 Work and Leadership Issues of Bisexuals, Lesbians, and Gays
      ENG 580 Individual Authors
      ENG 604 Literary Aspects of Contemporary Film
      ENG 618 Studies in Gay and Bisexual Literature
      ENG 633 Gay Love in Literature
      HMSX 350 Selected Issues in Human Sexuality (1 or 3) [selected topics on advisement]
      HMSX 400/PSY 450 Variations in Human Sexuality
      HMSX 550 Field Service in Human Sexuality Studies (1-3)
      HMSX/PSY 436 The Development of Maleness and Femaleness (4)
      HMSX/SS 421 Homophobia and Coming Out
      NEXA 391 Biological Sex and Cultural Gender
      PSY 650/HMSX 600 Research on Sexual Identity
      PSY/HMSX 320 Sex and Relationships
      SPCH 525 Sexual Identity and Communication
      WOMS550 Special Studies in Lesbian Lives
      WOMS551 Lesbian Literature
      WOMS552 Lesbian Lives and Thought
    Resources & Services
    the Center for Research & Education on Gender and Sexuality, merging (in 2003) the the National Sexuality Resource Center and the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.
    LGS also publishes the prestigious "Journal of Homosexuality", "Sexuality Research and Social Policy" (with the NSRC), "American Sexuality," and "Sexualidades Latinas."
    Dr Rita Melendez, chair (

    San Jose State University
    Currently (2009), there is an effort to create a LGBTQ minor.
    Sociology of Homosexuality (W. Clayton Lane, 1975; LGSN 22.2 [Sum 1995] 2-3)
    Sociology: "Alternative Lifestyles", Wiggsy Sivertsen

    Santa Monica College (a community college)
    Contemporary Moral Conflicts
    Sex and Sexuality
    Gay/Lesbian Literature
    Jim Stramel (

    Sierra College, Rocklin CA, a two-year transfer college
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies offers an A.A. (Associate of Arts) degree. The central courses in the department are a) Introduction to LGBT/Queer Theory, b) Queer Film History and c) LGBT Literature. Students can then choose their other remaining units from Psych: Human Sexuality, Soc: Sociology of Sex and Gender, Anthro: Anthropology of Sex and Gender, Women's Studies: Introduction to Women's Studies, World History, etc.

    Stanford University
    the Feminist Studies Dept has an undergraduate minor in LGB Studies
    Resources & Services
    Stanford Queer Resources Server (
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Community Center (founded 1989?) (; a second website:
    Gwendolyn Dean, Director of the LGBCC:
    Stanford's queer history:
    Stanford Gay and Lesbian Alumni (GALA)
    LGBCC staff

    University of California, Berkeley
    A report has been published (5 Nov. 1998), concerning the unexpectedly low cost of providing SSSE (same-sex spousal equivalency) medical benefits (or: Domestic Partnerships) to the partners of lesbian and gay employees; the health plan added only $1M to the University's annual bill of $442M: report (
    minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies, requiring four courses and two upper-division electives; the four required courses
    • UGIS 20: Alternative Sexual Identities and Communities in Contemporary American Society;
    • UGIS 145/Women's Studies 145: Interpreting the Queer Past: Methods and Problems in the History of Sexuality;
    • UGIS 146/Women's Studies 146: Cultural Representations of Sexualities:
    • ISF 147b/Anthropology 147b: Sexuality, Culture, and Colonialism
    The Rise of Heterosexuality and the Invention of the Modern Jew (Daniel Boyarin; 1995; syllabus published in LGSN 22.2 [Sum 1995] 14-16)
    BLG Studies: BLG People of Color (Student Instructor)
    BLG Studies: Our Bodies, Our Lives: Social Aspects LGB Health (Student Instructor)
    BLG Studies : Outcast among the Outcast: Expl LG Segments of Controv Sex Lifestyles (Student Instructor)
    Multicultural: Literature & Sexuality (Student Instructor)
    Resources & Services
    the Lesbian and Gay Center (
    Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Mentorship Program (alums - students):
    Professor Carolyn Dinshaw
    English Department
    474 Wheeler,
    Professor Michael Luce
    French & Comparative Literature
    4217 Dwinelle
    TEL: (510) 643-9999

    University of California, Davis
    UC Davis now (2009) offers an undergraduate, interdisciplinary minor in Sexuality Studies .
    While there is no formal concentration or degree in queer or sexuality studies at the graduate level, the Queer Research Cluster is a critical resource for graduate students and faculty working in these areas; it also organizes the annual Queer Studies Graduate Symposium each spring.

    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Resource Center (opened 31 January 1994). Director: Sheri Atkinson. The center also offers an annual Lavender Graduation ceremony.

    University of California, Irvine
    undergraduate program being planned; PhD in Intersectional Studies in Genders/Sexualities, Race/Ethnicities, and Cultures
    in LGSN 22.3 [Fall 1995] 5: WST was advertising for a "tenured or tenure-track" position beginning 1 July 1996, with interests "especially in Lesbian/Gay Studies ... Candidate should be currently tenurable at the University of Californa and have a stonr commitment to Lesbian Studies as it intersects with race and ethnicity."
    WST: "Psychology of Women from a Lesbian Perspective" (Christine Browning, 1991)
    Interdisciplinary Studies: "Special Topics," new course
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Resource Center:
    Pat Walsh, Director (email:
    Lavender Graduations
    Susan Lee Sills (
    Women's Studies and Interdisciplinary Program
    419 Social Science
    Irvine, CA 92697-6600
    TEL: 714-824-8582

    University of California, Los Angeles
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program (offering a minor):
    James A. Schultz
    Professor of German
    Director, UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program
    T: 310 825 5194
    UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
    251A Kinsey Hall
    Box 951384
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1384
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Resources Office:
    Ronni Sanlo, Director
    Lavender Graduations

    University of California, Riverside
    Interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Studies (6 courses)
    16 courses on gender and sexuality in Art History, English, Ethnic Studies, Dance, History, Psychology, Sociology and Women Studies.
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Resource Center:; homepage:
    Maggie Hawkins, Director
    English publishes Unnatural Acts.
    The undergraduate and graduate Union of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals is strong.
    The organization is multiethnic and welcomes undergraduate and graduate students.
    A Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals monitors campus environment.
    The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Resource Center publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Dish."

    University of California, San Diego
    a program is developing in LGB Studies
    Judith Halberstam

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    UC Santa Barbara now (2006) has a LGBTG Studies minor:
    Resources & Services
    The university is hiring (Nov. 1998) a new, full time LGBT Resource Coordinator.
    The Davidson Library, Ethnic and Gender Studies Library, Andelson Collection, holds more than 2500 volumes:
    Adan Griego
    Coordinator, Area, Ethnic & Gender Collections
    Davidson Library
    University of California
    Santa Barbara, California 93106
    TEL: 805 893-3713
    FAX: 805 893-4676
    Sally Willson Weimer
    Sociology and Women's Studies Librarian
    TEL: 805-893-3454

    University of California, Santa Cruz
    several LGB Studies courses
    Immersion Program in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies (offered one time only in 1998)
    Nancy Stoller (

    University of Southern California, Los Angeles
    The Gender Studies Program coordinates many LGB Studies courses and a cooperating faculty of 36.
    Program for the Study of Sexual Orientation Issues in the News (SOIN), Annenberg School of Journalism. The program, directed by Leroy Aaron, features the course "The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity," taught each fall (since 1999) by Laura Castaneda; the course satisfies a diversity requirement for undergraduates.
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, Bi Student Support :
    Elizabeth Davenport, Director (email:
    There are undergraduate and graduate LGB student groups.
    The Cinema School offers the Out for Reel program
    Lambda Alumni Association:
    The Center for Scholars in Residence in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies began operation in December 1994, in cooperation with the International Gay and Lesbian Archives, the ONE Institute of Homophile Studies (see below, in Section IV), the June Mazer Lesbian Collection, and the Homosexual Information Center. The Center for Scholars in Residence offersresearch space, facilities, and fellowships for dissertations and post-docs.
    • Contact Professor Walter L. Williams
    • Department of Anthopology
    • University of Southern California
    • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0032
    The Law School offers the nation's first scholarship for LGB Studies in the area of sexual orientation and the law.
    Lavender Graduation (started 1999).

    University of Redlands, Redlands
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Union
    Women's and Gender Studies offers several gay and lesbian courses.


    Colorado College
    English: Gay Literature & Film (Chris Castiglia; taught 1991)

    Colorado State University, Fort Collins
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services

    Metropolitan State University of Denver
    The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (newly configured in 2017) offers a BA in Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies, and two minors, in Gender Studies and in Sexualities Studies.
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian Bisexual, & Transgender Student Resource Center on the Auraria campus.

    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Certificate Program offers a certificate and a minor
    Courses, several including
    Arts & Sciences 2080, Introduction to Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Studies
    English 3792, Queer Theory
    Resources & Services
    The GLBT Resource Center:
    Beverly Tuel, Director (email:
    Lavender Graduation (begun 1999).
    Suzanne Juhasz (

    University of Northern Colorado, Greeley
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Resource Office sponsors a Spectrum Club and Residential Learning Community, in addition to several courses and affiliate faculty.


    University of Connecticut
    Resources & Services
    Rainbow Center, A Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Educational Resource Center (email:; website:
    Fleurette King, director
    University of Connecticut
    2110 Hillside Road Unit 3096
    Storrs, Connecticut 06269

    Quinnipiac College
    Resources & Services
    Gays, Lesbians and Straight Supporters (GLAS), the college's gay organization

    Wesleyan University
    Queer Studies concentration within the American Studies major, coordinated by the Gay & Lesbian Sexuality Studies (GLASS) committee:
    Resources & Services
    GLBT Alumni Resources:
    Henry Abelove

    Yale University
    The Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies (founded 2002) offers a major in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a concentration in Lesbian and Gay Studies. Director: Jonathan D. Katz.
    many courses, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
    Resources & Services
    Outland (LGBT graduate students):
    A LG Studies Center held a conference in October 1987: "LG Studies: Definitions and Explorations" (LGSN 14.3, November 1987, 8).
    LGBT Center:
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Cooperative:
    Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Law Students' Association
    The Research Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies was established several years ago from gifts from friends of the late Professor John Boswell. Re-FLAGS invites lecturers and publishes "The Pink Book", a catalogue of GLBT Studies courses.
    Re-FLAGS: TEL: 203-432-4997


    University of Delaware
    Women's Studies offers a minor in Sexualities and Gender (Fall 2006)
    Resources & Services
    Office for LGB Concerns:
    LGB Information Line (302-831-411)
    Office of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Programs
    124 and 305 Hullihen Hall
    TEL: 302-831-8735
    Gloria Davis (


    Florida Atlantic University
    Undergraduate and graduate courses in Sexuality, Gender and Lesbian/Gay Studies in the Departments of Communication, Sociology and Languages.  
    PhD Program in Comparative Studies offer  courses and a track in Sexuality and Gender.  Graduate and undergraduate certificate programs in Sexualities and Gender currently being planned for 2003.  
    Fred Fejes:
    Communication Dept
    Florida Atlantic University
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    TEL: 407-367-3858

    Stetson University, DeLand
    Women's Studies offers a minor in Women and Gender Studies; contact Mary Pollack, WGS Program Coordinator, Stetson University, 421 N. Woodland Blvd. Unit 8304, DeLand, FL 32720, 904.822.7727, 


    Emory University
    Resources & Services
    Office of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Life:; a second website:
    Dr. Saralyn Chesnut, Director (email:
    Email discussion group, EmoryGLB:
    The Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Student Union represents a large gay/lesbian/bisexual student population, which is well-organized and presents numerous events each year.
    Faculty advisor: Sara Lynn Chestnut

    Georgia Technical University
    Resources & Services
    LGBT Alumni Association

    University of Georgia, Athens
    Women's Studies ( WS 410: Lesbian and Gay Studies
    Resources & Services
    The LGB Student Union:


    University of Hawaii
    Resources & Services
    Student Affairs, Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity Office, Task Force on Sexual Orientation:
    TEL: 808-956-9250


    University of Idaho
    Resources & Services
    Diversity Education Program:
    Dr. Linda Morris (
    Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs
    TEL: 208-885-2958/2959


    DePaul University, Chicago (updated Jan 2010)
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies Program offers a minor (since 2007?), one of the first such programs at a Catholic university.

    The Office of LGBTQA Student Services lists several services, including a LGBTQ Campus Climate Assessment Survey Report

    Knox College, Galesburg
    Gay & Lesbian Identities continues to be offered (2001): Advanced Preceptorial 312 (Penny Gold and others, 1995; syllabus published in LGSN 22.2 [Sum 1995] 16-18)
    Gender & Women's Studies: Introduction to Queer Studies (1st taught, Spring 2002)
    Common Ground (LGBTQ campus organization, Joshua Ferchau co-president)
    In 2001, "gender" was added to the college's non-discrimination statement, and the Office of Intercultural Life now addresses bisexual, lesbian, gay and transgender concerns

    Milliken Univeristy, Decatur
    EN220: Sexual Identity in America
    Resources & Services
    GLAAM (Gay, Lesbian, and Ally Association of Millikin); contact I.D. Westley, vice-president:

    Northern Illinois University (updated Jan 2010)
    Resources & Services
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies Program offers certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels. "The certificates are particularly appropriate for students preparing for or currently working in a variety of disciplines or careers in business, communications, the arts, education, health, humanities, social sciences, and human services."

    Domestic Partnerships for faculty & staff (instituted, September 1998)

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Community Resources lists the LGBT Resource Center and the Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

    Midwest LGBT Press Collection
    Contact Rob B. Ridinger
    Gay and Lesbian Studies Librarian
    15E Founders Memorial Library
    Northern Illinois University
    DeKalb, Illinois 60115-2868
    TEL: 815-753-1367

    Northwestern University
    HST: Gay & Lesbian History of US (Michael Sherry, 1985)
    Resources & Services
    Women's Studies Program changed to Gender Studies in 2001, offering a wide range of coures that address issues pertaining to gender, transgenderism, sexuality and feminism.
    Gay and Lesbian University Union:
    BGL Alliance:
    LGBT Alumni:; also see Vince McCoy's Reflections of a Gay Alum:

    University of Chicago
    The LESBIAN AND GAY STUDIES PROJECT (LGSP), an integral part of the University of Chicago's Center for Gender Studies, coordinates graduate and undergraduate courses, provides research grants and dissertation-year fellowships to graduate students, sponsors the biweekly Lesbian and Gay Studies Workshop at which graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars present work-in-progress, and organizes ongoing research projects and conferences. For more information, consult its webpage:
       George Chauncey, chair of the Project; Department of History, University of Chicago 1126 E. 59 St., Chicago IL 60637; Tel: 773-702-8385; Fax: 773-702-7550; E:
    undergraduate courses
    • Introduction to Gender Studies (2-quarters)
    • Feminist Theory/Feminist Practice
    • Social & Gay History of American Subcultures
    graduate courses
    • Gay and Lesbian Studies Workshop
    • Feminist Theory Workshop
    • Sensation, Sensibility, and Sexuality
    • Gender and Sexuality Theory
    • Nationalism, Sexuality and Gender
    Kathleen Forde (
    Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns
    U. Chicago Booth School of Business, "OUTreach" (added 8/8/12)

    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Gender and Women's Studies Program (director, John D'Emilio, offers multiple courses and a concentration in queer studies, both undergraduate and graduate, and a major in Gender and Women's Studies.
    The Chicago Sun Times published an article (2 July 1999) written by Lon Grahnke, that "The University of Illinois at Chicago is developing a gay and lesbian studies curriculum. It's a field both praised as overdue and derided as trendy ..."
    several gay and lesbian courses, including ENG 117, Issues in Gender, Sexuality and Literature (syllabus published in LGSN 22.1 [Mar 1995] 19-21)
    WST plans to hire faculty to teach two courses in Gay/lesbian Studies
    Resources & Services
    Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns (opened in 1994):
    Director, Patrick Finnessy (
    Lavender Graduation (1999-2000).

    University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
    Gender and Women's Studies offers a LGBT/Queer Studies Interdisciplinary Minor (initiated Fall 2009)

    There have been many LGBTQ courses since at least 1991 (ENG: Lesbian & Gay Tradition in Literature, Robt McRuen, 1991; HST/Humanities: Lesbian & Gay History, Lisa Dugan; PS: Politics of AIDS, 1991)
    Resources & Services
    LGBT Resource Center

    University of Illinois, Springfield (updated 14 Feb 2010)
    LGBTQ Resource Office in the Diversity Center (currently [2010], there's no director, but the office is staffed by students)
    Queer-Straight Alliance, and a vibrant Safe Zone training program Women and Gender Studies offers LGBTQ courses (US Sexual Minorities; History of Sexuality in America; Queer Theory)
    Though there is no formal program (major or minor), students may self-design a major on any topic through the Liberal and Integrative Studies program

    Western Illinois University, Macomb IL
    Interdisciplinary Minor in Queer Studies (Summer 2015)
    Resources & Services
    University Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (UCOSOGIE)
    LGBT*QA Resource Center
    ENG 359 "LGBT Literature"

    Wilbur Wright College, Chicago
    Resources & Services
    Freedom Club/Room for All is a club for LGBT students, faculty, and staff and their straight allies.
    English sponsors a course in "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangendered Studies" taught by Aldo Alvarez (Summer 2007)
    LIT 153, "Gay & Lesbian Literature" taught by Aldo Alvarez (Spring 2008)


    DePauw University, Greencastle
    Resources & Services
    The university is hiring (Nov. 1998) a graduate assistant to provide services to LGB students.

    Indiana University, Bloomington
    Gender Studies Program ( offers a BA in Gender Studies ("Women's Studies," 1997-2000). And since 2006, it has offered a PhD in Gender Studies, and a PhD minor (website:
    Resources & Services
    The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Student Support Services homepage lists a wide assortment of university groups, offices, services, programs, and resources. The GLBT Alumni Association:
    The Kinsey Institute:
    Lavender Graduation (started 1999).

    Indiana University, South Bend
    Women's Studies offers "Marital Relations and Sexuality"
    OutIUSB, a LGBT student, staff, and faculty group

    Notre Dame University
    Outspoken Readings: Questions of Homosexuality in Literature (Carlos Jerez-Faran, 1994; as described in LGSN 22.2 [Sum 1995] 4-6)

    Purdue University
    IDIS 482: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality: Issues in Gay and Lesbian Studies
    a graduate course (same title) was offered Spring 1996
    Resources & Services
    Lesbigay Network:
    LGBTA Yahoo group
    LGBT Alums:
    Jacqueline Martinez

    Valparaiso University
    Resources & Services
    Alliance, a campus organization that fights discrimination against Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (the organization participated in a social justice program on 12 Nov 2005, but there is no contact information).
    The Valparaiso University Student Senate voted Feb. 1998 to add sexual orientation to the sexual harassment policy of the student handbook.


    Grinnell College
    American Studies: Lesbian Lives (Kesho Scott, 1990)
    Resources & Services
    Stonewall Resource Center (founded 1986): (email:
    Paul Valencic, Director

    Iowa State University
    Women's Studies Program, Jill M. Bystydzienski, Director
    Eng/WST: Women Identified Literature (Kathy Hickock, 1991)
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian Gay & Bisexual Student Services: (email:
    Lavender Graduation (started 1998).

    University of Iowa, Iowa City
    Certificate Program in the History of Sexuality: four core courses: Introduction to Sexuality Studies; Sexuality Studies Seminar; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Identities; and Race, Class, and Gender in Sexual Communities; plus 18 semester hours of elective classes
    Mickey Eliason, director of the program, associate professor of nursing
    History of Sexuality (to begin Fall 1998)
    American Studies: Lesbian Lives (established by Linda Yanney; and also taught by Ilene Alexander)
    WST: Lesbian Literature & Theory (Ilene Alexander, 1989)
    Resources & Services
    It has been claimed that the University of Iowa may have been "the first public university, perhaps the first university, to offer domestic partnership benefits".

    University of Northern Iowa
    Interdisciplinary Studies: Introduction to Gay & Lesbian Studies (team taught, 1992)


    Emporia State, Emporia
    Resources & Services
    Spring 1990: "sexual orientation" was added to the university's anti-discrimination clause in its Equal Opportunity statement.
    On 23 November 1998, the administration decided to remove "sexual orientation" from the anti-discrimination clause.
    After much protest, the administration re-inserted "sexual orientation" back into the anti-discrimination clause on April 21, 1999.

    Kansas State University, Manhattan KS
    A Queer Studies Minor has been offered since 2013. It requires 5 courses (15 credit hours), an intro course and four electives.

    University of Kansas, Lawrence
    Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a major (2012) and a minor (2008) in Human Sexuality. Since 2010, WGSS has offered a PhD, welcoming students wishing to write dissertations in the area of human sexuality.
    "Sexual orientation," was added to the university's Antidiscrimination clause years ago; "gender identity or expression" was added to the code of "Student Rights and Responsibilities" (18 November 1998)
    There is a yearly scholarship for students doing service in LGBT areas (endowment: $10,000)
    Student Involvement & Leadership Center houses a Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity


    Centre College, Danville KY
    Minor in Gender Studies
    Resources & Services
    B-GLAD (Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies for Dignity) is Centre College's organization for education, advocacy, and support for sexual orientation issues.

    University of Kentucky, Lexington
    Resources & Services
    Student Queer Information:

    University of Louisville, Louisville
    The Women's and Geender Studies Department offers BA and BS degrees, a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, a minor in Race/Gender Studies, and a recent (2010?) Minor in LGBTQ Studies
    The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Services

    Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
    Diversity Coalition


    Louisiana State University
    Women's and Gender Studies offers an undergraduate minor/concentration and a graduate concentration.
    Resources & Services
    Spectrum is the LSU student organization for LGBTQ students and their allies.

    University of Louisiana at Monroe
    There are occasional courses.
    Resources & Services
    Unity of Gays, Lesbians and Friends has a homepage:
    Curt Singleton, president (
    Dr. Shirley Owens, faculty advisor (TEL: 318.342.1447).


    Bowdoin College, Brunswick
    Gay and Lesbian Studies Program, est. in 2001, offers a minor, drawing on courses "in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts"

    University of Maine
    Women's Studies: LGB courses

    University of Sourthern Maine, Portland
    "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Allied Resources" offers courses (courses listed for Fall 1992)


    Georgetown University
    English: History & Theory of Sexuality (both undergraduate & graduate [MA])

    Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore
    Queer Literature and Theory courses (including "Queer Lit and Theory" and "Gay and Lesbian History")
    minor in queer studies
    undergraduate student group, "ANGLE"
    Margee Morrison: and
    Tel: 410-225-2460 or 410-225-2350

    Towson State University
    a minor certificate in LGBT Studies (1996).
    the proposal (Nov. 1996) is still on-line

    David Bergman (

    University of Maryland, College Park
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program offers an undergraduate certificate in LGBT Studies. The program's proposal (August 2002) proposal (August 2002) is still on-line. Email:

    Courses (current LGBT Studies courses

    Resources & Services
    Queer information (, and Inform
    President's Commission on LGB Issues
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Equity
    Luke Jensen, Ph.D., Coordinator:
    Lavender Graduation (started 1999).


    Amherst College
    part of the 5 college area (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and Amherst College)
    Michele Barale was hired in the first faculty position advertised for LGB Studies
    English: Lesbian Literature (Barale)
    English: Paranoia, Homophobia, & Horror Fiction in Lit/Film (Cameron)
    English: Queer Fictions (Cameron)
    Political Science: Authority & Sexuality (Serat)
    Resources & Services
    A bibliography of the library's holdings in LGB Studies was published in 1994; contact: John C. DeSantis, Gay & Lesbian Studies bibliographer

    Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454-9110,
    an interdisciplinary MA in LGB Studies has been proposed by the departments of History, Sociology, American Studies, English
    Indepartmental Program in Sexualty and Queer Studies (launched, Fall 2011)

    Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater MA
    The Women's and Gender Studies Program has established (2009) a GLBT minor.

    Bunker Hill Community College, Boston
    Sociology of Homosexuality (2005)

    Hampshire College
    part of the 5 college area (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and Amherst College)
    SocSci: Sexual Politics & Communities (Margaret Cerullo & Fran White, 1991)

    Harvard University
    Law School: Sexual Orientation & the Law (Wm Rubenstein)
    Resources & Services
    Gay and Lesbian Caucus for Harvard and Radcliffe Alum, Faculty, and Staff:
    Harvard College Queer Students and Allies
    Harvard Business School, LGBT Student Association (added 8/8/12)
    The Schlesinger Library (Radcliffe) has holdings on the History of Women in America, cataloged on HOLLIS, Harvard's online computer catalog

    Northeastern University
    Law School: Sexual Orientation & the Law (Katherine Triantafillou & Robert Greenwald, 1990)

    Radcliffe College
    Resources & Services
    The Schlesinger Library has holdings on the History of Women in America, cataloged on HOLLIS, Harvard's online computer catalog
    • contact Wendy Thomas, Public Service Librarian
    • Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America
    • Radcliffe College
    • Cambridge, MA 02138

    Simmons College, Boston (a women's college) Programs
    The graduate school offers a masters degree program in Gender/Cultural Studies (GCS), an interdisciplinary program across the humanities and social sciences that emphasizes the constructions of gender and race within the United States and international contexts. Sexuality also seems to be a major component:

    Simon's Rock College, Great Barrington
    "Eros and Thanatos: History of Sexuality in the West" (before 1998)
    "In and Out: Gay and Lesbian Images in Film" (before 1998)
    PSY "Human Sexuality"
    LAW "Sex, Race, Class and the Constitution"
    Dean of Academic Affairs Patricia Sharpe

    Smith College, Northampton MA
    A concentration in Queer Studies within the Study of Women & Gender

    Tufts University, Medford MA
    English has many graduate students doing dissertations in the field of gay literature, culture, and theory.

    many courses offered in various departments, and include Introduction to Queer Studies (Women' Studies), History of Gender and Sexuality in the West (History), and Gay and Lesbian Theatre and Film (Drama). The English department offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs on queer topics, many taught by queer theory professor Lee Edelman. For current queer studies courses, click here:
    English offers a number of graduate courses on queer topics â

    Resources & Services
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center: Provides meeting rooms, computers for student use, library and video collection, and individual advising and referral. Runs weekly discussion groups for queer men, queer women, queer students of color, and bisexual students; a peer mentoring program; a student speakers bureau; speakers and programs; and a queer studies scholars series.The LGBT Center director advises the Rainbow House (queer-friendly student housing), the Queer Straight Alliance (student group), the LGBT Grad Group, and the LGBT Faculty-Staff Caucus, and works closely with the Bias Intervention Team, the Hillel queer Jewish students committee, the Campus Violence Prevention Project, and the other "culture centers" (Africana, Asian American, International, Latino, and Women's Centers).

    Tufts provides same-sex marriage and same-sex domestic partner benefits, and includes both sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in its campus non-discrimination policy.

    The Center for Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Transgender Students (since 1995)
    Dona Yarbrough, LGBT Center Director
    Tufts University
    LGBT Center
    226 College Ave.
    Medford, MA 02155
    T: 617-627-3770

    Lee Edelman (

    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    part of the 5 college area (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and Amherst College)
    currently there are theme courses offered in Anthropology, SOC, GER, FR
    ENG: Queer Theory (now)
    PSY: Lesbian Perspectives (now)
    AAS: AfricanAmerican Gay writing (now)
    Women's & Gender Studies currently offers courses
    Resources & Services
    The Stonewall Center: A Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay & Transgender Educational Resource Center: (email:
    Felice Yeskel, Ed.D., Director
    The Center (Crampton House/SW) is open every day (MTThF 9-5 & W 12-5), and has information on GLBT Events on Campus
    Lesbian Bisexual Gay Alliance: (email:
    Lesbian Bisexual Gay Alliance
    GLB Graduate Student Organization
    Two in Twenty Floor (LGB residence): L/G & supportive straights; 20 women : 13 men (LGSN 24.1, Fall 1996, 16 citing CHE 21 Feb 1997
    GLBT Academic Information
    GLBT Speaker's Bureau
    The Stonewall Center (
    Box 3-1799, UMass
    Amherst, MA 01003
    TEL: (413) 545-4824
    FAX: (413) 545-6667

    University of Massachusetts, Boston

    various courses in many departments, including History, English, Women's Studies, American Studies (graduate program) (2005)

    Wellesley College
    Resources & Services
    Wellesley Lesbians, Bisexuals and Friends (TEL.: 781-283-3500 x8635)
    Programs and Services for Lesbian/Bisexual Students
    Katya Salkever
    Green Hall 441
    Wellesley College
    Wellesley, MA 02181


    Central Michigan University
    Resources & Services
    Office of Gay & Lesbian Programs; Ana Guerriero, Director (989-774-3637;
    LGBT Commission, Michigan Student Assembly
    Ozell Hayes II, Chairperson; TEL.: 313-549-2045

    Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
    Queer Studies minor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Resource Center
    Women's and Gender Studies offers multiple sections of Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies every semester.

    Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
    Resources & Services
    Office of LBGT Student Services, coordinated by Jen Hsu:
    student organization OutSpoken:
    LGB fraternity Delta Lambda Phi is no longer active
    Gender and Women's Studies offers GWS 2010, LGBT Studies (since 2010) and special topics courses with queer content are offered through GWS, English, Education, and Social Work

    Michigan State University, East Lansing
    Center for Gender in Global Context. The Center and the Program in Women, Gender and Social Justice offer a BA, minor, and a LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies minor.
    Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Resource Center

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (updated Jan 2010)
    WST: Lesbian Studies (Alice Echols, 1991)
    Law School: LGB Legal Issues
    Women's Studies offers a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Sexuality Studies a minor and a graduate certificate
    Resources & Services
    Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Affairs: (email:
    Lavender Graduation (begun 1995).

    University of Michigan, Flint
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Center

    Wayne State University
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Services
    Director/staff person: Lynne Remsburg (email:


    Macalester College, St Paul
    Programs & Courses
    The Women's and Gender Studies BA program (major and minor) has recently (2004) hired a full-time, tenure track professor in LGBT studies, Scott Morgensen ( to develop sexuality studies courses within the major, and coordinating sexuality studies courses across campus.
    Core Courses in Women's and Gender Studies:
    Sexual Margins, Colonial Legacies: Introduction to Sexuality Studies
    Local/Global Sexual Politics: Intermediate Sexuality Studies

    Topics courses in Women's and Gender Studies:
    Beyond Binary Sex: Transgender and Intersex Studies
    History of Sexual Minority Communities

    Additional courses campuswide
    Anthropology: Other Genders, Cultures, Sexualities
    Communication Studies: Lesbian and Gay Communication
    English: Literature and Sexuality
    Political Science: Politics of Sexual Minorities; Gender, Sexuality, and the Law
    Sociology: Sociology of Sexuality

    Scott Morgensen, Asst Professor of Women's and Gender Studies
    Women's and Gender Studies Department
    Macalester College
    1600 Grand Avenue
    St. Paul MN 55105
    TEL: (651) 696 6529
    FAX: (651) 696 6350

    Mankato State University
    WST: Female Bonding (Donna Langston, 1983)

    St. Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota
    "Lesbian Texts in Context," taught by Cecilia Konchar-Farr

    St. Olaf College, Northfield
    Resources & Services
    St. Olaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Employee Network (SOLGEN)
    Lavender Graduation (begun in 1999)

    University of Minnesota
    Feminist Studies: PhD program
    U. Minnesota now (Fall 2004) offers an undergraduate minor in GLBT Studies
    Humanities: Gay Men & Homophobia in the Modern West (Gary Thomas, 1991)
    Humanities: Sexuality from Perversity to Diversity (Ellen Messer-Davidow, 1991)
    Resources & Services
    The Steven J. Endowed Fund for GLBT Studies

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally (GLBTA) Programs Office
    320 16th Avenue SE
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    T: 612/625-0537
    F: 612/624-9028

    QGPA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Graduate & Professional Student Association; email:; homepage:


    University of Mississippi
    The Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies offers an undergraduate minor and graduate certificate.
    Resources & Services
    Gay-Straight Alliance


    Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg
    QAAC, Queers and Allies (recently formed, 2003):

    Truman State University, Kirksville
    one course in queer studies

    University of Missouri, Columbia
    Resources & Services
    The university's anti-discrimination policy, adopted in 1995, includes the categories of race, religion and national origin, but purposefully omits sexual orientation (vote of the Board of Curators, 29 January 1999).
    The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Resource Center:
    The Triangle Coalition:
    The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Graduate Students Association:

    Washington University, St Louis
    American Cultural Studies offers some courses that focus on minority issues:
    Resources & Services
    The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alliance:

    Webster University, St Louis
    MEDC 3800: Studies in Cultural Diversity: Movement for G/L/B/T Rights.
    Introduction to LGBT Studies (begins Spring 2000)


    University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    Women's & Gender Studies offers a minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Sexuality Studies (Fall 2006)
    Resources & Services
    GLBT Resources and Concerns
    Melissa Rigney, Graduate Assistant:
    an email discussion list for its LGB community: UNLGALA (to subscribe, mail subscribe UNLGALA to


    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Medieval History: Outsiders (Elspeth Whitney, 1987; CLGH 11.1 [Jan/Mar 1997] 6-7)


    Dartmouth College
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Programming
    Margaret Smith (email:

    University of New Hampshire (added Jan 2010)
    Queer Studies Minor
    The UNH President's Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues


    Princeton University
    the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Concerns Task Force, Subcommittee on Academics, monitors the LGB Studies curriculum; senior theses on LGBT topics go back to 1936.
    At least a dozen LGB Ph.D. dissertations have been finished since 1982.
    ENG first offered a LGB course in 1988; others have been added
    1995: ten LGB-related courses (in eight academic departments) were offered, and ten more (in nine departments) are listed.
    Resources & Services
    non-discrimination policy of LGBs since 1985
    domestic partnership benefits were recently implemented
    undergraduate Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Alliance (since 1970)
    the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Concerns Task Force
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coordinator, Michelle Seldin (through 6/13/97), email:
    employees' group, PU-Tops ("The Other Persuasions").
    LGB Student Group:
    Michael Montgomery (, co-chair, LGB Concerns Task Force

    Rutgers University
    The Writing Program offers graduate LGB Studies courses
    Resources & Services
    Same-sex health benefits possible, following the passing of a resolution by the Board of Governors members at its meeting Friday, 13 Nov. 1998


    New Mexico State University (added 15 November 2009)
    Resources & Services
    Sexual and Gender Diversity Resource Center provides resources and space for LGBTQA students.

    University of New Mexico (added 15 November 2009)
    Resources & Services
    The Queer Straight Alliance, a student group
    The Women's Resource Center has some information about sexual orientation.


    Alfred University
    Human Studies: Gay American History (Vicki L. Eaklor, 1990)

    Women's Studies offers a concentration in Gender and Sexualities
    Selected undergraduate courses:
    • WST: "Intro to Lesbian & Gay Studies" (Pellegrini)
    • WST: "The Invisible Woman in Literature: the Lesbian Literary Tradition"
    • ENG: "Topics in Gay Male Representation" (Miller)
    • ENG: "Seminar on Broadway Musicals" (Miller)
    • "The Invisible Woman in Literature: the Lesbian Literary Tradition" (Barnard Women's Studies)
    graduate courses this fall include
    • Anthropology: Gender, Sexuality & Culture (Lancaster)
    • WST: Colloquium in Queer Theory (Pellegrini).
    School for Social Work: recent course on lesbian and gay youth
    Columbia Law: Sexuality & the Law (Evan Wolfson, 1991)
    Resources & Services
    Columbia Business School, "cluster," LGBT Business Association (added 8/8/12)
    graduate Lesbian & Gay Studies Groups (added 8/8/12)
    an undergraduate Queer Studies Awards
    Joneil Adriano (
    Columbia Women's Studies (212) 854-3277
    Barnard Women's Studies (212) 854-2108

    Brooklyn College (part of the CUNY system)
    a minor in LGBTQ Studies, established 9 Dec 2008.

    City University of New York (CUNY; updated 24 April 2010), Graduate School
    Resources & Services
    CLAGS is headed by a multicultural, interdisciplinary Board of Directors, representing academic, cultural, civic, and community-based concerns throughout the New York metropolitan area. The center sponsors public forums, lectures, a monthly research colloquium, scholarships, and yearly queer related conferences. It offers scholarships and awards to students at the CUNY Graduate School, and it funds, through the Rockefeller Foundation, two fellowships each year for scholars pursuing major research in lesbian and gay studies. The annual Martin Duberman Endowed Fellowship in Lesbian and Gay Studies offers a fellowship in Lesbian and Gay Studies not focused on the US or Western Europe. There are also plans to estabish a Ph.D. program in multicultural studies.

    CUNY Graduate Center has an interdisciplinary concentration in LGBT Studies
    The Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (CLAGS)
    The Graduate School and University Center
    City University of New York
    33 West 42nd Street, Room 404N
    New York, NY 10016
    TEL (212) 817-1955

    Colgate University, Hamilton NY
    As of 2009, Colgate offers a minor in LGBTQ studies through the Women's Studies Program.

    Cornell University
    an undergraduate concentration in LGB Studies proposed in 1995
    WST offers a graduate minor in LGB Studies
    Freshman Writing Seminar: Writing Queer Cultures (Jody Greene, 1996; syllabus published in LGSN 23.2, 1996, 9-11)
    Resources & Services
    LGBT Resource Office: (email:
    Johnson School of Management, "Out for Business" (added 8/8/12)
    The Cornell Library houses the Human Sexuality Collection, a growing collection of primary sources devoted to documenting lesbigay politics and lives at a national level, the politics of pornography, and changes in social controversies about sexuality and sexual identity
    CuGala Cornell's alum association:
    Professor Carolyn Martin (, German Department

    Empire State University (State University of New York), Saratoga Springs (information entered: 23 Feb 2006)

    The Center for Graduate Programs offers a MA in Liberal Studies in Gender and Sexuality Studies; students design their own program within specific areas (Studies in Stereotyping; Women, Politics, and Health Care; Parenting a Gay Child; Visual Justice and African American Male Identity; The Dangerous Lesbian of Popular Culture; Sexuality as Masque: Homosexuality and the Theater; Gays and Lesbians in U.S. Politics and Policy).
    In the Online Degree Program, Women's Studies and Gender Studies offer courses (e.g., LGBT Issues in the Workplace).

    Hofstra University, Hempstead
    LGB Studies Program offers a minor (18 semester credits) with some specially designed courses and other courses from various departments.
    Services & Resources
    scholarships for student leaders in LGBTQ matters (this may be unprecedented so far [Aug 2006])
    LGBT Rights Fellowship at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law.

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva
    Resources & Services
    The Department of LGBT Studies ( offers both a major and a minor (since ca. 1997).
    Pride Alliance:

    New School
    Graduate course "Ethnographic Approaches to Sexuality and Gender", taught by David Valentine:

    New York University
    Law School: Sexuality & the Law (Arthur Leonard)
    School of Education: Working with Gay & Lesbian People (Arnold Grossman)
    Resources & Services
    Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Student Services
    The NYU Library houses the Fales collection of literature, a strong collection of LGB materials designed to support PhD level work in a variety of fields, especially the social sciences and in humanities materials; special collections including queer novels about NYU and especially Greenwich Village; archival holdings in the Tamiment/Wagner Archives including radical gay materials from the early days of the liberation movement; and a strong collection of queer videos, including documentaries, feature films, experimental films and videos, and other cinema
    • contact Marvin J. Taylor
    • Lesbian and Gay Studies Selector
    • New York University
    • 70 Washington Square South
    • New York, NY 10012
    • TEL: (212) 998-2596
    Moving Up Day, a type of Lavender Graduation (begun 1998), a day to recognize LGBT student and club achievements, and the efforts of LGBT faculty.

    Pace University
    WST: Understanding Diversity: Culture Control of Lesbians & Gay Men (Karla Jay, 1991)

    Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville/Yonkers
    Concentration in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

    SUNY, Albany
    ENG: Lesbian Literature (Mary Galvin, 1991)
    FR: Gay French Novel (Jack Richman)
    SOC: Homosexuality in American Culture (Steve Seichman, 1990)
    School of Social Welfare: Sexual Identity in Social Work (graduate level; since 1994)

    SUNY, Cortland
    Health: AIDS & Society (Bill Sechrist, 1988)
    IDIS: Society & Sexual Orientation (1989)
    PHL: Prejudice, Discrrimination, & Morality (Margaret Nash, 1988)

    SUNY, Genesco
    X288 Sociology of Sex and Gender Differences, taught by Paul Rust:

    SUNY, New Paltz
    WST: Women with Women (Amy Kesselman, 1987; Peri Rainbow, 2005)
    WST: "Queer in the USA" (Peri Rainbow, 2005)

    SUNY, Purchase
    Programs Lesbian & Gay Studies Program:
    The program offers a minor: LGS 1015/Introduction to Lesbian/Gay Studies, and four other courses. The website lists qualifying courses.
    Professor Esther Newton, director (on leave, Fall 1999); E:
    Morris Kaplan; E:; T: (914) 251-6578
    GLBTU: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Union; T: (914) 251-6976

    SUNY, Stony Brook
    ENG: Lesbian Literature (Grad Student, 1988]
    HST: Homosexuality & History (Helen Lenay, 1989)
    SOC: Gay Studies (Hawkins, 1981)
    The Graduate School of Social Welfare: Overview of Gay & Lesbian Issues (Robert Hawkins, 1986)
    TEL: (516) 689-6000

    Syracuse University, Syracuse
    Syracuse University offers (as of Fall 2006) a stand-alone minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies:
    one of the professors contributing to this minor is Minnie Bruce Pratt, renowned feminist poet and author


    Appalachian State University, Boone NC
    Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies offers a minor in LGBT Studies.
    LGBT Center

    Davidson College
    Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FLAG)
    PO Box 1325, Davidson NC 28036

    Duke University
    an undergraduate certificate Program in the Study of Sexualities (1 prerequisite and 4 other courses in the area of gender and sexuality ( )
    undergraduate and graduate courses in English, Women's Studies, Literature, Film & Video, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, History, Classical Studies

    Divinity School (according to graduate student sources, the following have significant LGB content)
    Introduction to Ethics (Hauerwas)
    Pastoral Care (Dunlap)
    Pastoral Care and Women (Dunlap)
    Pastoral Theology and the Body (Dunlap)
    Christian Education series (Webb-Mitchell)
    Christian Theology (McClintock-Fulkerson)
    proposed Gays & Lesbians and Religion (McClintock-Fulkerson & Martin)
    Resources & Services
    The University Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Life (opened Fall 1994): (email:
    contact: LGBT Center
    202 Flowers
    Box 90958
    TEL: (919) 684-6607
    Same-Sex Spousal Equivalency Benefits are available for faculty, staff, and graduate students.
    Lavender Graduations
    Duke's Queer InfoServer (
    Gothic Queers (undergradute): (mail: Bryan Center, Box 99222)
    QueerGrads: Graduate & Professional GLB Alliance of Duke University: email: (tel: 919-383-4528)
    Law School's Student Committee on Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues: (tel: 919-419-1011)
    Fuqua Gay and Lesbian Association, Fuqua School of Business (tel: 919-684-6607)
    Sacred Worth: Divinity Students for Gay & Lesbian Concerns (tel: 919-286-6677)
    SpeakOUT!: LGTBQ and Straight-Allied Speaker's Bureau: (email: )
    Chutzpah: Queer Jews:
    Queer Buddhists:
    The University Task Force for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Matters:
    BiGALA Duke Alumni: email: (mail: PO Box 61026, Durham NC 27715); BiGALA is now being handled by the LGBT Center:

    Perkins Library has a good collection of LGB and Women's Studies offerings
    Duke Libraries' resources for queer studies: books and periodicals, film & video
    contact: Ginny Daley (, Women's Studies Archivist

    an email discussion list for its LGB community: DukeLGB (to subscribe, mail subscribe dukelgb to
    Duke's Gay History:

    Durham Technical Community College
    Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Society of DTCC (tel: 919-686-3444)

    East Carolina University
    Resources & Services
    ECU GLBT Student Union :
    114 Mendenhall Student Center, ECU, Greenville NC 27858
    tel: 252-328-4707

    Elon College
    3085 Campus Box, Elon College, NC 27244
    Contact Co-Chair Mary (email:; tel: 336-229-5289)

    Guilford College
    "Readings in Gay and Lesbian Studies" (Amanda Bailey, English)
    "Drama of Difference" (Jack Zerbe, Theatre Studies)
    Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, & Allies (GLBA):
    PO Box 17725, Guilford College, Greensboro NC 27410
    tel: 336-316-2374

    Guilford Technical Community College
    GLBA, 601 High Point Rd., Jamestown NC 27282

    Lees-McRae College, Banner Elk
    SPECTRUM, a student support group, begun ca. 2003. Contact: SPECTRUM, Lees-McRae College, P. O. Box 128, Banner Elk, NC 28604; phone: 828-898-8840.
    Contact: Steve Parrish,

    North Carolina Central University
    Student Groups
    Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Student Alliance of NCCU: email:
    Sisters & Brothers, a new organization

    North Carolina State University
    Resources & Services
    On November 18, 1998 the NCSU student senate passed Resolution 3 which strongly recommends to the Chancellor's Office to take all possible actions to modify the NCSU non-discrimination policy by adding the words "sexual orientation" in addition to race, gender, age, religion, etc. The vote was 45 for, 0 against, 1 abstain.
    gay fraternity Delta Lambda Phi
    Student Group
    Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, & Allies (BGLA) (formerly LGSU):
    mail: PO Box 7314, NCSU, Raleigh NC 27695
    tel: 919-512-8629

    North Carolina Wesleyan (Rocky Mount)
    Student Group
    Gay, Lesbian, Etc. (GLE):
    mail: Rocky Mount, NC 27801

    St. Andrews Presbyterian College (Laurinburg)
    Political Science 266 (undergraduate) & 366 (graduate), "Politics of Sex" (gender isssues and sexuality)
    Student Group
    Family and Friends:
    mail: Box 5696 SAPC, Laurinburg, NC 28352
    tel: 910-277-5748

    Student Group
    mail: One University Heights, Asheville, NC 28801
    tel: (704)255-7293 or (704)255-7204

    UNC-Chapel Hill

    In the late 1990s the University set up a Committee for LGB Courses (chair: Cecil Wooten, Classical Studies) with a budget of about $200,000.00, to encourage gay and lesbian studies in traditional departments. The money came from a bequest made to the university by Dr. Charles Williamson of San Francisco, to be used for this purpose. The committee sponsored individual lectures or small conferences dealing with gay and lesbian topics, and granted money to faculty for developing new courses. By 2000 there were about fifteen courses that could be considered part of a gay and lesbian studies program.

    In 2002, the University undertook a comprehensive study of lgbtq climate issues on campus; it is available as a download-able file: As a result of that study, a LGBT Office was established in Student Affairs (, and in 2004 an undergraduate minor in Sexuality Studies was established:

    The Program in Sexuality Studies (cf. Duke University's Program in the Study of Sexualities) offers many courses from a wide variety of departments.

    For further information, contact the director of Sexuality Studies:

    Within the larger UNC-CH community there is also a wide variety of resources:

    Student & Staff Groups
    People Recognizing Individual Diversity & Equality (PRIDE) (formerly SAFOE): email:
    mail: SGA Office, Cone University Center, UNC-C, 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
    tel: 704-332-GLBA
    GLBT Alumni
    mail: PO Box 561235, Charlotte NC 28256-1235
    tel: 704-786-8473

    Student Group
    PRIDE! Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Students Association
    mail: Box 27 Brown Annsex, UNC-G, Greensboro NC 27412
    tel: 336-334-4282

    Student Group, details unknown

    Student & Staff Group
    People Recognizing Individual Differences Exist (PRIDE):
    tel: 910-675-9222 ext.452

    Wake Forest University
    Women's Studies 321: "Gay Culture and Theory"
    Student & Staff Groups
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Issues Awareness Group (GALBA):
    People Recognizing Individual Differences Exist (PRIDE):
    tel: 910-675-9222 ext.452

    Warren Wilson College (Swannanoa)
    Student & Staff Group
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Alliance (GLBT Alliance):
    The Alliance, Warren Wilson College, Box 5201, PO Box 9000, Swannanoa NC 28815-9000

    Western Carolina University
    English: Gay and Lesbian Literature
    Resources & Services
    Student Group
    LGBA: contact: Michelle at (704) 227-7469


    University of North Dakota
    SOC 340: Sociology of Sex and Gender Roles
    SOC 450: Deviance


    Denison University, Granville
    Denison offers Concentration in Queer Studies: six courses including three core courses (QS 101, 201, and 400) and three electives.
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alumni/ae Association
    Outlook: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Student Organization

    Kent State University, Kent
    The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality offers a minor in LGBTQ Studies (started Fall 2001) with a full-time dedicated professor teaching gender, sexuality and transgender studies. Email Director Molly Merryman for more information.
    The Kent State LGBTQ Student Center. And LGBTQ Studies Scholarship are available.

    Miami University, Oxford
    The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (changing its name from Women's Studies, 2010) now offers an undergraduate major, an undergraduate minor, a graduate concentration, and a thematic sequence
    At Lavender Graduation (since 2001)
    New courses (2010) include: WMS 202 Introduction to GLBT Studies; WMS 370.L Lesbian Fiction; WMS 435 Queer Theory; and SOC/WMS/FSW/ATH 221 Human Sexuality
    GLBTQ Services in the Office of Diversity Affairs
    Spectrum undergraduate group
    Haven (graduate student group)

    Resources & Services
    Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns Committee:
    Lavender Graduation (started 1999).

    Ohio State University
    In Sexuality Studies, a major (2011), minor (2204) and Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization (2006). These are all interdisciplinary programs, allowing for great flexibility.
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services
    The University was intending to establish same-sex spousal equivalency benefits (domestic partnership), policies, and plans in 2000.

    Ohio University, Athens
    Political Science: Gay & Lesbian Politics (Ronald Hunt, 1981)

    Otterbein University, Westerville
    Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers both a major and minor, within which students can concentrate in Queer Studies (January 2012). The program routinely offer courses in GLBTQ Literatures, The History of Sexuality, Queer Theory, Sexuality and Visual Culture, and Queer Media.

    GLBTQ Resources and the highly visible and active GLBTQ-straight student organization, Free Zone.

    University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
    Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (formerly Women's Studies, 2009) offers a major and minor, both with an optional Sexuality Studies track, and MA, MA/JD, and graduate certificate (the MA and certificate also have concentrations in Sexuality Studies)
    relevant courses include Introduction to LGBT Studies, Seminar in LGBT Studies (advanced readings), Global Sexualities, Lesbian/Gay Literature, Lesbian Literature and Psychology, Masculinities, History of Sexuality, Queer Theory, Psychology of Sexual Orientation


    University of Oklahoma, Norman
    ENG: Gay & Lesbian Representation in Literature (Mark Kerr, 1990)
    Human Relations: Sexism & Homophobia (Barbara Hillyer, 1990)
    Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered & Friends


    Southern Oregon State University
    PHL: Ethics: Lesbian & Gay Issues (Tangren Alexander, 1980)
    SOC: Gay Studies (Bryce Johnson, 1979)

    University of Oregon
    The Department of Women's and Gender Studies offers a Queer Studies minor
    Resources & Services
    LGBT Education and Support Services Program for students
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer Alliance
    Bridges, an out-reach program
    Lesbian, Gay Law Student Association ("Outlaws")
    Department of Sociology offers funding for LGB graduate studies
    Lavender Graduations since 1995
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Educational and Support Services Program, Chicora Martin, Director (email:


    Allegheny College
    a minor in Gay and Lesbian Studies is available: an interdisciplinary program with courses housed primarily in the humanities and social sciences. Soon there will be a new course, Constructions of Sexualities", cross-listed with Psychology.
    Gay and Lesbian Studies
    Glen Wurst in Biology ( and Deborah Dickey ( in Psychology.

    Bucknell University
    English: Gay & Lesbian Literature (M.R. Mumford, 1990)
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Concerns Office
    Cate Scaffidi (email:

    Pennsylvania State University
    HST: Lesbian & Gay History (Ginbers, 1991)
    Human Development: Lesbian & Gay Development (D'augelli, 1984)
    Human Development: Theories of Sexual Orientation (D'augelli, 1984)
    Resources & Services
    LGBTA Student Resource Center, which offers several services, including alumni events
    Office of Educational Equity:
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Student Alliance
    Sue Rankin (email:

    Temple University
    a minor in LGBT Studies has been approved (15 October 2002)

    University of Pennsylvania
    Communications: Communications, Culture and Sexual Minorities (since 1980)
    Resources & Services
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Center:
    Robert Shoenberg, Director (email:
    non-academic Program for the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community (since 1982)
    the Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Academic Union brings 3-4 speakers per semester to the campus (since 1984)
    Larry Gross (

    Widener University, Chester PA
    Widener offers a Hybrid Master of Education, Human Sexuality Studies (MEd), "the practitioner-level training for sexuality professionals and one of the only doctoral programs at a fully accredited university in the United States that offers human sexuality studies."


    Brown University
    Sexuality and Society "concentration" (= a major)
    the University Committee for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns coordinates the curriculum
    taught through professors' home departments and in addition to their departmental commitments
    Several departments participate at both the graduate and undergraduate level: History, American Civilization, Biology, Philosophy, Women's Studies, Modern Culture and Media, and Comparative Literature
    English offers an annual graduate seminar in queer theory
    Resources & Services
    LGB undergraduate and graduate organizations
    the alumni/ae association provides a prize in LGB scholarship.
    James Stascavage , Asst. Dean/Liaison for LGBT Concerns
    Professor David Savran (
    Department of English
    Box 1852
    Brown University
    Providence RI 02912

    Rhode Island College
    Providence RI 02908
    Queer Studies Minor, offered in the Gender and Women's Studies Program

    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
    Resources & Services
    Queer Student Union; email:; telephone: 401-454-6100
    c/o RISD Office of Student Life
    2 College Street
    Providence, RI 02903


    College of Charleston, Charleston
    Resources & Services
    LAMBDA, Gay & Lesbian student alliance
    Gay-Straight Alliance
    The College is now (26 April 2003) in the early stages of planning a LGBT curriculum; a workshop will be held 13 May 2003 with guest speakers J.T. Spears of the University of South Carolina and John G. Younger of the University of Kansas.
    "Southern Sexual Identities & Communities" to be taught Fall 2003 by J.T. Spears

    University of South Carolina, Columbia
    Resources & Services
    Bisexual, Gay, & Lesbian Association:
    PO Box 80098
    Columbia SC 29225
    TEL: 803-777-7716, press option 3, then option 2
    Sexual Diversity in Schools and Institutions (graduate course)


    University of South Dakota
    Resources & Services
    Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance:
    email: glba@sundance.usd


    Tennessee Technological University (TTU), Cookeville (between Nashville and Knoxville)
    Women and Gender Studies Minor; contact Marketta Laurila, director (T: 931-372-5635)
    Required Courses: ENG-474, Approaches to Women in Literature
    HIST-437, Women and Gender in American History
    SOC-220, Gender and Society
    The Eclectic Society, student organization recognizing and celebrating sexual orientation diversity; contact Ed Boucher, the Dean of Students (T: 931-372-3237)
    Women's Center; contact Gretta Stanger, director (T: 931-372-3850)
    The HIV-AIDS Outreach, Prevention, and Education (HOPE) Project; contact Matthew Zagumny, director (T: 931-372-6255)
    Women's Center
    The Clothesline Project challeges homoprejudice, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression in society through raising awareness of the violence perpetrated against women.
    V-Day college initiative to end violence against women and the Women's Center, mounts an annual production (beginning 2001) of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues;" contact Mark Creter, director of the Backdoor Playhouse (T: 931-372-3478)

    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Resources & Services
    Lambda Student Union:

    Resources & Services
    Same-sex Spousal Equivalency benefits were announced in the Nashville Tennessean, August 24, 1999.
    The Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Law Students Association (BiGALLSA):
    Department of Religion's Office of Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Concerns (GABLE)
    Teresa Hornsby
    1018 Villa Pl
    Nashville, TN 37212
    TEL: 615-244-5109
    Vanderbilt Lambda Association:


    Rice University
    the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality offers an undergraduate major (before 2005, the Center was the Program for the Study of Women and Gender).
    • 6100 Main, MS 38
    • Houston, TX 77005-1892
    • TEL: (713) 348-2162
    • FAX: (713) 348-5025

    Southern Methodist University
    Resources & Services
    In the university's anti-discrimination clause, sexual orientation has been included, 7 May 1999.

    Texas A&M University
    Resources & Services
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trangender Services
    Becki Elkins, Coordinator

    University of Houston
    Women's Studies is now (Fall 2008) offering a minor in GLBT Studies (the first university in Texas to do so!); more information is available at
    Contested Manliness: Shifting Perspectives of Victorian Masculinity 1850-1910 (Julia Saville, 1996; syllabust published in LGSN 23.2, 1996, 11-13

    University of North Texas, Denton
    Study of Sexualities Program, an interdisciplinary minor

    University of Texas, Austin
    Resources & Services
    University Staff Association Committee for GLBT Concerns:


    Salt Lake Community College (added 20 Sep 2015)
    English 2850, Introduction to Queer Studies

    University of Utah
    Gender Studies, an Interdisciplinary Program, coordinates courses. (added 20 Sep 2015)
    A seminar for public-school teachers and undergraduate education majors, to train them to deal more sensitively with gay issues (Jodi Brookins-Fisher, 1995; as reported in LGSN 23.2, Sum 1996, 14 quoting Chronicle of Higher Education, 1 March 1996)
    LGBT Resource Center


    Middlebury College
    A proposal to establish a Gender Studies House was approved by the Community Council in the Spring, 1998.
    Women's and Gender Studies (recently established, 2000?) offers a major and minor, with concentrations in Gay and Lesbian Studies (intro course WAGS 0223, not offered 2003-4)
    Students are lobbying (1998) for a LGBT Resource Center

    University of Vermont, Burlington
    The Department of Women's and Gender Studies offers a Minor in Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies (2006)

    School for International Training, Brattleboro
    sponsors a college semester abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Sexuality, Gender and Identity:
    Contact: Ginni Fleck, Academic Director


    George Mason University
    a LGB concentration in the Center for the Study of the Americas is being planned, with an eventual undergraduate minor
    COM: Queers in the Media (now)
    ENG 338: Gender & Sexualities (1996, 1998)
    Film & Media Studies: Queer Media and Theories (now)
    SOC : course (now)
    University Course: AIDS 101 (now)
    Resources & Services
    In 1996 the Board of Visitors removed funding from the LGBT Resource Center (established in 1995) (
    the GLBT Studies Project
    Cynthia Fuchs (
    English Dept #3E4
    George Mason University
    Fairfax, VA 22030

    University of Richmond
    Resources & Services
    The University of Richmond's governing board has officially incorporated sexual orientation into the school's non-discrimination policy (13 March 1999).

    Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
    Queer Action, a political and activist group on campus focusing on LGBT issues, is currently (2005) discussing establishing a gender and sexuality studies program on campus, with some LGBT classes.

    William and Mary
    Resources & Services
    Gay & Lesbian Student Union:
    an active GALA alumni association:
    Lesbian & Gay Law Association


    Clark College, Vancouver
    Courses, 2011-12
    HUM 210: Introduction to GLBT Studies— interdisciplinary course on history, science, social science, law, literature, and media.
    ENGL 254: Queer Literature—a survey offering exposure to world literature from ancient Greece to the present with a focus on queer representation

    South Puget Sound Community College, Olympia
    Anth 275/Soc 275, "Diverse Sexualities and Culture" (2006)
    A LGBT literature course is coming soon

    University of Puget Sound, Tacoma
    The Gender and Queer Studies Program offers a minor (2018) and a major, beginning in the Fall 2020, courses, and resources.
    Contact: Gender & Queer Studies Program; Greta Austin, Director

    University of Washington, Seattle
    Women Studies offters a graduate certificate program in Lesbian Studies
    English: many courses, both undergraduate and graduate; the faculty include Tim Dean, David Roman, Katherine Cummings, Carolyn Allen
    • English 306: Responding to AIDS (Kate Cummings, now)
    • English 489: Lesbian and Gay Studies (Kate Cummings, now)
    Women Studies 354: Lesbianism (Clare Bright, now)
    American Ethnicity Studies 489: Women, Minorities, Media (Gerald Badalsty, now)
    Anthropology: Sexualities, Genders, Bodies (Jason Cromwell, now)
    Public Affairs 573: Sex Orientation& Public Policy (Marieka Klawitter & Victor Flatt, now)
    Social Work 532U: Gay & Lesbian Issues in Practice (Larry Icard, now)
    Social Work 532W: Social Work & AIDS (Karen Fredrickson, now)
    Resources & Services
    the undergraduate Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Transgender Commission:; homepage: ; (TEL (206) 685-GBLC); Taran Rabideau, Director
    ongoing graduate student-faculty Queer Colloquia
    a cross-disciplinary queer studies faculty research group
    the library has an appreciable gay/lesbian studies collection
    • contact Alvin Fritz, Gay and Lesbian Studies Coordinator (Libraries)/UW
    • Suzzallo Reference
    • Box 352900
    • University of Washington
    • Seattle, WA 98195-2900
    In the social sciences: Marieka Klawitter (
    In the humanities: Carolyn Allen (

    Washington State University, Pullman
    A Minor in Queer Studies, Department of Women's Studies, was approved in 2009
    InQueery Speaker Series
    Resources & Services
    Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transbender, and Allies Program
    Lavender Graduations
    A planned conference on LGB Studies (Fall 1998) had to be cancelled after the Conservative Caucus of the Washington State Legislature sent out a homophobic press release which went to The Christian Alert Network and several other "activist" networks.

    Western Washington University, Bellingham
    Courses & Programs
    The American Cultural Studies Program offers a minor in GLBT Studies:
    The program in Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to educate students about the diversity within the GLBT community in the United States, as well as to explore the GLBT contributions to shaping U.S History, culture, literature, and politics.
    Dr. Greta Gaard, coordinator of the GLBT Studies minor concentration or Dr. Lawrence J. Estrada, Director of the American Cultural Studies Program

    Whitman College, Walla Walla
    "Sexuality and Textuality," a gay and lesbian literature (Robert Tobin, German Dept, and Associate Dean of the Faculty)


    American University
    Women's Gender, & Sexuality Studies (renamed from Women & Gender Studies, 2010) offers an undergraduate BA and minor and a graduate certificate, and a minor in sexuality and queer studies
    Professor Salvador Vidal-Ortiz writes (19 Sep 2015): "There are two main courses for the Sexualities/Queer Studies minor: Sexualities Studies (a survey class on the history of the studies of sexuality from various disciplines) and Approaches to Queer Studies (a humanities based class with different trajectories of queer studies."
    Courses in the departments of Anthropology and Justice, Law & Society
    Resources & Services
    Center for Diversity & Inclusion
    Lauren Weiss, Director of WGSS
    Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
    William Leap (

    Gallaudet College
    Resources & Services
    Lambda Society (founded 1984)
    Student Affairs Office
    Ely Center, Room#102
    TEL: (202) 651-5064

    George Washington University
    HST: The Gay and Lesbian Experience in America
    WST: Lesbian Issues (Michele Zavos, 1989)

    Georgetown University
    Law: Sexual Orientation & the Law (Chai Feldblum, 1991)


    University of West Virginia
    ENG 189: Sexual Diversity in Film & Literature
    MDS 60 Human Sexuality
    PHIL 13: Current Moral Problems
    Resources & Services
    President's Office for Social Justice:
    Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Mountaineers: (or:


    University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, Eau Claire
    Equality: UWEC Faculty and Staff in Support of LGBT Issues
    UWEC LGBT-Straight Alliance
    LGBTQ Studies course, and other courses with LGBTQ texts and topics taught by Bob Nowlan, Critical Theory and Cinema Studies

    University of Wisconsin, Madison (updated: 25 Sep 09)
    The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers (as of 2003) an undergraduate certificate in LGBT Studies, housed in the Women's Studies Program.
    The Dean of Students Office funds the LGBT Campus Center.
    A 2004 report by the GLBT Issues Committee to the Faculty Senate summarizes its achievements to date and goals for the future, some of which (such as Domestic Partner benefits) have been put into place in the meanwhile.
    LGBT Alumni Council
    Eric Trekell, Director of the LGBT Campus Center.
    Tom Armbrecht, Chair of the campus-wide LGBT Issues Committee.
    Anne Enke, Faculty Coordinator of the LGBT Studies Certificate program.

    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    18 credit Certificate Program in Lesbian and Gay Studies, with a required introductory course, Gay and Lesbian Studies:
    many depts offer courses (list, Dec. 2002: over 70 numbered catalog courses from 20 disciplines)
    WST: Lesbian Culture (Claudia Card, 1984)
    Resources & Services
    a state-wide Lesbian and Gay Caucus in the university system
    Jeffrey Merrick, History


    University of Wyoming, Laramie
    A minor is being planned.
    WMST 4190: Politics of Sexuality
    Resources & Services
    Rainbow Resource Center :

  • Section II. Research & Resource Institutions and Organizations


    San Francisco Library, the new Northern District branch has a good special collection.
    Contact: Jim Van Buskirk


    Gerber/Hart Library (in Chicago); to do research and gather information:
    1127 W. Granville
    Chicago, IL 60660
    T: 773-381-8030


    The New York Public Library, Research Libraries has an outstanding collection of printed material (books, periodicals, in many languages) and very strong for manuscript holdings.
    New York Public Library
    Rare Books and ManuscriptsDivision
    Mimi Bowling (, Curator of Manuscripts
    Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
    New York, NY 10018-2788
    TEL: (212) 930-0804
    FAX: (212) 302-4815
    Two webpages: gender:; and rare books:

    Gay and Lesbian Library Service, run by Cal Gough and Ellen Greenblatt (ulcreg@acsu.Buffalo.EDU)


    The Society of American Archivists (SAA), Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable (LAGAR), an association of archivists who are gay and lesbian rather than archivists who work with gay and lesbian materials.
    Editor: Stephen E. Novak (
    Co-chairs, LAGAR: Paula Jabloner ( and Mark Martin (
    Jill U. JacksonProcessing Archivist
    Archives for Research on Women and Gender
    Rm. JPL 4.02.10
    University of Texas at San Antonio Library
    6900 North Loop 1604 West
    San Antonio, TX 78249
    (210) 691-5988

    Women's Presses Library Project: a good list of lesbian titles available from independent women's presses. (discontinued in 2002)

    Section III. Study-Abroad Programs & Opportunities

  • School for International Training, Brattleboro
    A college semester abroad at the University of Amsterdam in Sexuality, Gender and Identity:

    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2001 program of the Sixth Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture, and Society:

  • CETLALIC, an Alternative Spanish Language School in Cuernavaca, Mexico, offering programs for Gay Men and Lesbians every summer:; e-mail:

  • Center for Global Education (CGE), Augsburg College, has a campus in Cuernavaca, Mexico that offers semester programs in Spring, Summer & Fall in a LGBTQ friendly environment, with the options of LGBTQ homestays and internships:
    Contact Antonio Ortega, Program Coordinator:

  • Section IV. "Sibling Societies" and Publications on Queer Studies

    Information taken from the Committeee on Lesbian and Gay History newsletter (CLGH) and the Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter (LGSN),

    AIDS & Anthropology Bulletin
    D. R.A. Felman, editor
    Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health
    University of Miami School of Medicine
    PO Box 016069
    Miami, FL 33101

    American College Health Association
    Subcommittee on GLBT Issues
    Julie White, Chair
    Coordinator, Women's Center
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    42 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623-5604
    T: 716-475-7464 or 716-475-6402
    F: 716-475-7419

    American Philological Association:
    LCC (Lambda Classical Caucus):

    American Psychological Association
    Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues, Division 44 of the American Psychological Association:

    The Policy Journal of the Institute For Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies
    611 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Suite 352
    Washington, DC 20003

    Archives of European Gender History
    Kent Gerard, Director
    484 Lake Park Ave., Suite 38
    Oakland, CA 94610-2730

    Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists
    1439 Pineville Road
    New Hope, PA 18938

    Association of Lesbian and Gay Psychologists
    2336 Market St, #8
    San Francisco, CA 94114

    Australian Lesbian & Gay Archives:

    Bear History Project
    Les Wright, Curator
    PO Box 1427, Brookline Station
    Boston, MA 02146

    Boston Area Lesbian and Gay History Project
    c/o Libby Bouvier
    46 Pleasant St
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
    c/o Alan Miller
    PO Box 639, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario M5W 1G2
    W: Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives:

    Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies
    2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100-129
    Toronto, Ontario M4W 3E2

    Centre for Lesbian and Gay Research
    98 Darlington Rd
    University of Sydney
    Sydney, N.S.W. 2006

    The Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (CLAGS)
    The Graduate School and University Center
    City University of New York
    33 West 42nd Street, Room 404N
    New York, NY 10036-8099
    TEL (212) 642 2924
    For further information, contact Carol Kaplan, Board Chair
    Jill Dolan, Executive Director
    Jordan Schildkraut, administrative assistant

    CLGH Newsletter
    American Historical Association, Committee on Lesbian & Gay History
    Vicki L. Eaklor, chair
    Division of Human Studies
    Alfred University
    Saxon Drive Alfred, NY 14802-1205
    (607) 871-2217;

    Denver Public Library, GLBT archives and libraries with websites:

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Task Force Newsletter
    M. Callaghan Zunt (
    3674 West 138th St
    Cleveland, OH 44111-3332
    TEL: (216) 671-2544

    Gay and Lesbian Caucus Newsletter
    Society of the College Art Association
    Ray Anne Lockard
    Frick Fine Arts Library (
    University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
    TEL: (412) 648-2411
    FAS: (412) 648-7568

    Gay and Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California
    PO Box 424280
    San Franciso, CA 94142

    GLSG Newsletter
    Gay and Lesbian Study Group of the American Musicological Society
    c/o Chip Whitesell, co-editor
    3238 Bryant Ave. S., #30
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

    GLSTN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network
    122 West 26th St., Suite 1100
    New York, NY 10001

    GLTF Newsletter
    American Library Association
    SRRT/GLTF, Office of Library Outreach Services
    50 E. Huron St.
    Chicago, IL 60611

    American Library Association's Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Task Force
    Wendy Thomas, co-chair

    Bulletin des archives gaies du Québec
    C.P. 395, succ. Place du Parc
    Montréal, QUE H2W 2N9

    Laws : Legal Network covers LGBT rights issues

    LEGACY: Newsletter of the Lesbian & Gay Studies Center at Yale
    Box 2585, Yale Station
    New Haven, CT 06520

    Lesbian and Gay Historical Soceity of San Diego
    Box 40389
    San Diego, CA 92164

    GLQ: A Journal for Lesbian and Gay Studies (formerly: Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter), published by Duke University Press.
    "National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resourses in Higher Education":,

    Newsletter of the Lesbian and Gay Studies Special Interest Group
    American Eucational Research Association
    Pam Miller, editor
    2029 352nd Place
    Earlham, IA 50072

    Newsletter of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Political Science Caucus
    c/o Valerie Lehr
    Dept. of Government
    St. Lawrence University
    Canton, NY 13617

    ONE/IGLA Bulletin
    ONE Institute
    PO Box 69679
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

    Organization of Lesbian and Gay Architects and Designers
    PO Box 927, Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113
    TEL: (212) 475-7652

    OUTLINES, the Ithaca Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Task Force Newsletter, is no longer published

    Out in Academia
    Newsletter of Multicultural & Lesbian Studies
    300 Eshleman Hall
    University of California
    Berkeley, CA 94720

    Society for Lesbian and Gay Philosophy
    The Society was founded in 1988 to promote philosophical inquiry into lesbian and gay issue, and publishes a bi-annual Newsletter.

    Society for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies
    Robert K. Martin (, president
    Dept of English
    University of Montreal

    Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
    PO Box 240
    Mount Vernon, IA 52314
    TEL: (319) 895-8405
    FAX: (319) 895-6203

    Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists Newsletter
    c/o Deb Amory
    Dept of Anthropology
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305-2145

    Sociologists' Lesbian and Gay Caucus
    c/o Vera Whisman (, Eitor
    Dept of Sociology
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    Geneva, NY 14456
    TEL: (607) 277-4942

    Newsletter of the CCCC Lesbian & Gay Caucus
    c/o Dr. Scott F. Stoddart
    NOVA Southeastern University
    Farquhar Center for Undergraduate Studies
    Office of Liberal Arts
    3301 College Ave.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

    The United States Student Association
    The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Caucus (formerly The National Gay Student Center)
    Warren J. Blumenfeld (
    P.O. Box 929
    Northampton, MA 01061

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