This is a supplementary website of SOC 380 (Elements of Statistics and Data Analysis) to provide a convenient reference of R usage to students. Let me know if you find any errors or broken links.


  1. Introduction: How to install R; R as a calculator; Data input
  2. Descriptive Stats: Mean; Median; Mode; Variance; St.Dev.; 5 number summary; Boxplot
  3. Basic Graphs: Histogram; Bargraph; Pie Chart
  4. Normal Distribution
  5. Correlation and Scatterplot
  6. Regression
  7. Probability
  8. t-test: One sample
  9. t-test: Two independent samples
  10. t-test: A paired sample
  11. Table
  12. Chi-square test


  1. Graph: Save your graph as a picture file
  2. Read A Data File: Read a data file into R
  3. Save A Data File: Save a data file in R
  4. Conditonal Statistics & Subsetting Data

Useful References

* Note: In constructing this supplementary Using R website, I've borrowed many ideas from websites: this, this, and this, and books: this and this.